A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Quiet House, Cool Mornings, Loving Me again

Lots to think on lately.  I've been sort of trying to take some time each evening after I put the kids to bed, to think about the NOW of my life.  I have been through so much ups and downs in my life...yes...DRAMA. I admit it.  I do tend to create it, breath it, or wallow in it.  Life without Drama would just be boring.  So there ya go.  Welcome to my roller coaster ride.

I've been trying to not get too frustrated with the whole House thing.  I want ours to sell, but then guess what?  We (meaning here where we live) in Northern Michigan have just become the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN AMERICA.  yup...us.  wow.  Now, that might mean better housing market and better $$$ for our house.  But, that could also mean higher prices for that house we WANT too! eek!  On the bonus side of things though, we live only about 15 minutes from Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Yippee!  That could be a positive thing for us.  This house we have now would make such a cute cottage for someone that just wanted a summer house!  (praying to buried St. Joseph everyday should help too!)

Today was the kids first day back at school.  AND the FIRST day for Little E in Kindergarten! My little baby boy is a kindergartner!  He was so excited!  I got some cute pictures! (which I won't bore you with).  Ms. Princess was also very excited about her first day in 2nd grade.  My  my how fast they grow.   It was so cold this morning when I went to wake them up, I had to turn the HEAT ON!  40 degrees this morning here in upper Michigan! brrrr...But I love it!  Bring on Fall!

Well, I'm down another 11 lbs.  Saw my Surgeon today, and the nutritionist. (who by the way is useless!)  Dr. wants to schedule me for another Endoscope in October so he can see if my scar tissue is closing up the bottom of my stomach again.  He said that most people who develop a stricture usually wind up having to have another stretch done later on.  He just wants to stay ahead of it.  I'm good with it...the drugs are super good anyway. ha ha ha  OK, so that puts me at 188 lbs.  (according to their scale...185 on mine!).  Which is about 30 lbs lost since surgery!!! YEAH!!!!

On a bonus, I got some awesome!!! jewelry on sale from another Weight Loss Surgery girl I friended on facebook.  She makes all her own stuff...so there is NO OTHER jewelry like it!  Here is a pic of a set I got in the mail today.
I do love BLUE...this is gorgeous stuff...matching earrings.  Plus you get a face shot here...although I am not doing a body shot here, you can ck out my youtube and I do a body shot there on my update today.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3vr0Ymv_V0

AND, If you're interested in Patricia's jewelry, here is her link. 

I am feeling so much better about myself!  I admit there are body parts that are sagging pretty bad though. UGH.  Oh well...I'm am going to be 43 this month. Where did the time go on that! eek!  I am glad Mr. Eye Candy thinks I'm beautiful!  We will celebrate our 8 yr anniversary next month...and this month marks 9 yrs together. Wow. For my birthday, he is taking the DAY OFF! He is also taking me shoe shopping! :) Super excited about that! ha ha ha  I also want a digital scale. Doesn't have to be fancy.  Although the shoes do! ha ha  I want me some FUN shoes!!  (yes, Natalie, I am coming to your store soon! xo)

Also, I'm still riding twice a week!  My horse is remembering who I am which is pretty great.  He is still a bit off, so I'm just doing a lot of walking and bending with him for now.  I think he'll be fine for the clinic end of the month.  What do you expect from an old woman, and an old horse? We are quite the team. I'm so grateful for Diane and Denny! They sure do take care of him.  12 years I've been friends with them!  12 years Doodle has lived at their place.  I'm so lucky to have found them.  Life is definitely better with them in it!

OK, so one day at a time.  I'm trying to breath and just BE ok with the slower pace of life.  I think I should enjoy this time of my life...I'm happier than I've been in a very very very long time.  I'm getting ME back out of this 'bigness', and riding my horse again. PLUS, taking the Princess to the barn with me has been so fantastic!

Happy September everyone!