A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Broken Toys and Broken Hearts

I am in a bit of a struggle here.  I have been helping out another mom w/ her two kids.  They've spent two over nights w/ us and have had a great time.  Two weekends in a row.

Here is my struggle.

The boy is about 7 yrs old....or soon to be anyway.  He destroyed three of our little guys birthday presents that he'd received when we took him to the Great Wolf Lodge back in July.  I was pretty upset when the kids brought this to my attention, so I took a snap shot of the toys w/ my phone, and texted the mom w/ the photo to let her know her son had broken the toys.

When she got back to me later she told me the one toy was already broken and that her son 'accidentally' broke the others.  I asked her if we could just use this as a learning experience regarding other peoples property, because my son was very upset that his toys were all destroyed.

Well this turned into a lengthy texting drama.  I kept telling her I was only trying to let her know about this out of love for her and her children (she's a single mom trying to date).  She said I was attacking her and that no one has ever mentioned that her son was out of control. etc etc etc.

Now, this is a kid that is basically WILD.  He got into our chicken coop and terrorized the hens by chasing them...and proceeded to THROW eggs at our coop!  More than 6 eggs.  I was very upset over that.

I feel I have lost a nice friend because I was HONEST and brought a matter to her attention.

When do you not make kids accountable?  I mean...I did not mention the COST of these broken toys, but they were at least $100 total.  These were his BIRTHDAY presents!!!  I am more upset at her response to this whole thing than the broken toys I think.  I was just trying to be responsible myself in telling her, and showing my own children that we must be honest, face our fears of coming forward when we break a toy, and take the punishment.  This other boy has NO punishment.

Needless to say, the little boy will not be invited back.