A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sad but True

Well, I not only lost all my pictures, I lost all my business information for our Lawn Care business. Sigh.  Now to do the billing for Feb. after downloading the free version of Quick Books.....pain in the butt.

I am so glad that I do download a lot of my pictures to Facebook....otherwise I'd have nothing. NOTHING.  Yup...lost it all.  Ok so don't give me crap because so many people have told me about Carbonite.com that I could scream...and so many people have said not to buy another Dell that I could scream.  One must remember something here...that ALL computers are using inferior hard drives these days.  If they last a year you're LUCKY.  Everything is made in china.  Or somewhere else.

Anyway...I am also looking into switching the phone service we have. Verizon does not have coverage here anymore as they sold their tower to At&t. (not a fav of mine).  For an Iphone 4 it's $100 each! WTH!  and for an Iphone 4s its $200 each! OMG!  The service would run us $188 a month for TWO PHONES. Holy poop on a shingle Batman!  I think I am so out of the loop that I must have broken into a sweat and had that look of 'she's gonna pass out' when the guy was talking to me because he QUICKLY changed the subject. LOL WHOA! When did this stuff get so expensive? Or wait.....WHEN DID I GET SO OLD???

Ok...on a happy note, I've lost more inches! Oh yeah.  AND I'm down to 153.9 (again).  For some reason I tend to hop up to 157 and then fight for a week to drop down again. STILL losing hair too.  Seems to be slowing down, but I think I'm just telling myself that! HA! So, size ten's are great...and med/large tops!  I think I could squeeze into a size 8, but who wants to breath? ME. ha ha  I'm happy.  I feel great!  I love my RNY.  It's been 7 whole months! Where did the time go?  I can eat more, and try more foods too.  I'm being SO good though! Promise!  Trying things like KALE and Mustard Greens! Yummy too!  Recipes to follow. I did take some pics and will be downloading them tomorrow maybe. sigh...I have billing to do for the business first.  A week late w/ this hick up in the computer world.