A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Guns, BB's, and good times!

It was a perfect day....I went to the beach this morning and married my two friends. :)  It went awesome.  It was a perfect wedding.  The sun hid behind the clouds so it was actually nice!  No glaring sun...just perfect.   I don't have any pictures yet...but you know me! I WILL! :)

As for the rest of the day...it was great!  We went out to lunch as a family...Mr. Eye Candy took the weekend off!   We ate at Buffalo Wild Wings...and it's the 3rd time we've been there. I say NEVER AGAIN.  As a weight loss surgery patient (almost a year out) No way.  It's good food...but oh my goodness....the damage it caused in my intestines. Needless to say...I was sort of miserable the rest of the day! 

After the lunch...(which caused me grief LATER)...we went to Gander Mountain. Oh my...it's Mr. Eye Candy's FAVORITE Place in the WORLD!...unless you count CABELA's.  He was in heaven.  It was 'for the kids' of course! ha ha ha  We bought fishing poles for the kids...and ....drum roll.........BB GUNS. Oh I was totally on board too.  I had a bb gun when I was about 10...so it was FUN to shop for one! 

Here are some shots (no pun intended...well maybe):  And by the way...I'm A CRACK SHOT!  yes...yes I am. :)  Haven't lost it after ALL THESE YEARS! :)

Turns out...The Princess is good at this!  She LOVED IT!!! We had not planned on getting a gun for her...but wow...I'm sure glad we did!  Little E was not as enthused as I'd hoped. Oh well...he's only going to be 7 tomorrow! ha  He liked it...but wasn't into the target practice like the rest of us!  (I think Mr. Eye Candy owes me $40 for my crack shots!)

Our little markswoman!  Love it.

And...Little E did try again...

I think the best part of the day was that we went to the MOVIES!  We say ICE AGE 4...pretty darn good!

Tomorrow is GREAT WOLF LODGE...look out! :)  We're excited.  We don't DO This sort of fun...so we are in heaven here!  Next year will be more subdued I promise.  Nothing like this wildness. LOL 

Have a GREAT weekend!

It Just Gets Better

Ok, so I have a few pictures to share today! :)  I know you guys love that!  We took a pontoon out the other day and I snapped a great picture of Mr. Eye Candy and ME. :)  Here it is:

I do love that man.  Even after 10 years together, he still makes my heart skip a beat.  I admit sometimes it's skipping out of anger, but hey!  We've come a long way baby! :)  I often threaten him when I get mad at him..."It's a good thing you're so good looking!" ha ha ha

Two of my friends are getting married today...amazing people!  I'm so excited because I am going to be the one doing their service at the beach. YES ME.  I went online a couple months ago...(how scary is this) and paid my $20something and Wha-la!  I'm a Reverend!  Certificate and everything.  Some website for the Church of who-ha or something.  It seems funny, but it's still pretty exciting.  I was actually honored that they asked ME to do it!  We're meeting at the beach this morning and they will say their vows in front of about a dozen friends.  It's going to be beautiful.  Here is the good looking couple:

We had our 'practice' ceremony yesterday and the kids and I stayed and played at the beach. Here's the kids...yes...those WHITEY children of mind...we have stock in sunscreen.

Then...on our way home from the beach we saw a FIRE!  It's been soooo dry here in Northern MI this summer!  I saw a huge cloud of smoke and kept thinking..."Man, that sure looks like a fire...and not just a burn pile.  Who would be burning today? It's so dry!"  Sure enough!  We stopped...and I drove down the driveway and WOW...it was scary!  I called 911 right away with the address and location.  The Fire Dept. was there in under 12 minutes!  Way to go!  Here are a couple pictures:

Exciting things sometimes.  I was just glad we saw it and called...it was headed toward the woods and the home next door...and there were cattle in a pasture.  That could have ended badly!

Ok...until next time!  I'm off to marry some people. :)