A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Half Acre coop

Well, here is a wide shot of the new PALLET coop being built.

It's behind the little kids house.  If you look close enough, you can see Little E balancing on the small teeter totter with the blind dog guarding him...in case he falls off on his face I guess!

I promise to take more pics and show a more detailed progression.  This one was just shot w/ my phone from the slider door in the kitchen.  It was COLD out ok?  I didn't want to go all the way out there. :) hee hee  OK...I WAS out there helping earlier.  I helped carry the base out and get it "level". ugh. Really? It's a chicken coop!  Does it have to be perfect? I say slap that baby up there. :)  Mr. Eye Candy is not of that notion however.  He thinks things need to be done right.  Ok...I get it.  I think that way most of the time too.  Just not when I'm freezing and need a hot cup of tea. :)

On the weight loss side of things, I have found the most AMAZING Dr. who writes a blog for the Davis Clinic.  Dr. Garth Davis. LOVE THIS MAN.  Everything he writes is incredible!!!!!!!  I have posted a few things on my WLS pages and one about "THE BIGGEST LOSER" show on my Facebook page. Yeah...he thinks it's wrong...I always have too!  He voices it though. Awesome.
If you want to read it here is the link:

Copy and paste.

Life is still good here! We found out we can have the 30 chickens we ordered!  They will be arriving mid-April!! SO EXCITED!!! They will be black Astrolopes. spelling? Anyway, they are good layers.  We ALSO will be bringing our 10x10 Barn Shed home!!! This is for a Road Side Stand. Can't wait!  Really looking forward to selling eggs, donuts, bread and brownies THAT I MAKE!  Very exciting stuff here.

I must add here that we've had a lot of trouble (4 yrs ago and we moved the shed) with our Township.  They told us we could NOT have a road side stand.  They filed forms against us...and threatened to take us to court over it!  All because we were trying to make some $$ to pay the darn GAS bill!  The Township was really nasty.  THEN we find out 3 yrs later that we CAN have a Road Side Stand. MI LAW states that if you sell something in a road side stand, you must produce 50% of it on your own property.  Oh yeah.  AND we also found out that MI LAW states in their RIGHT TO FARM ACT that if you show intent to sell your eggs, you have EVERY RIGHT to sell them and FARM whatever land you have.  Even if that is just a 1/2 acre like us!!  OH the possibilities!  I find myself rubbing my hands together with glee....and chuckling to myself.  Crazy woman? Maybe. hee hee

Thinking of calling our shed:  The Half Acre Farm

What do ya think?