A happy me

A happy me
family - is everything

Friday, April 6, 2012

9 months Post op

Well here ya go...two pics...and then a side by side.
July 20, 2011:

Wearing a size 20 pants...and a 2x shirt. UGH!  Large people often ask ourselves..."HOW THE HELL did this happen!!???"  I'm here to tell you, it happens.  Kids...and then BOOM. You can't seem to take off the weight.  Depression sets in.  I could go on and on. 

Now, here is the 9 months AFTER photo:
Size 10 pants and a Med. top.  I feel AMAZING!  I am living again!!!  The bod is a bit saggy here and there...but ya know...it's OK.    I should have taken a shot of my ARMS! Oh boy..I got muscle baby!

Here is the Side By Side for you....9 months after this journey started.  I WILL NEVER GO BACK to that other picture.  I am on a road of smaller portions, healthy living, and FUN.  I spend more time w/ my kids OUTSIDE!  Get out there! Live!
Happy Easter everyone!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

9 months Post op

OK....no pics. Yet.  However, had my 9 mo. check up w the Dr. (well his asst really who I like better anyway). 

They say I've lost 67 lbs total since surgery. MY scale says 71.  I think I like mine better! HA HA

I'm in a size 10 jeans...on my way to a size 8.  I wear a size Medium (mostly) shirt.  I've even dropped a shoe size!  Who knew my feet were fat!? ha ha

Life is amazing!  I love being OUT in it.  No more hanging out in my room hiding from the world.  I'm out there enjoying life w/ my family.

I promise to post more pics.  Today however, I was out working the lawn care business w/ Mr. Eye Candy and well...let's just say...no pictures is a blessing! HA HA

Being Thankful

So, yesterday, I had a chance to hang out w/ a woman I know.  It was a ENLIGHTENING experience for me.   I remember looking at her AMAZING home...so beautiful.  So perfect in my mind.  She told me it wasn't what she really wanted....this home in the woods surrounded by horses and cows and chickens.  She wanted to live in town.

I have to admit. My mouth sort of hung open.  You see, HER home and land and life are MY DREAM.  I think I might sort of take out a contract on someone to get it too. :) (kidding...sort of).

It made me realize something.  HOW grateful I am for what I have.  Yes, my house is VERY small.  It is tiny and compact with a ONE BUTT kitchen.  However, it's Full of love and laughter and hugs and kisses.  I keep reminding myself how lucky I am to have a happy family, healthy family, and all those hugs and kisses.

I may have a small house, but it's full.  I'm blessed.  I used to wish and wish for things I couldn't have.  Now I am grateful and thankful for the things I DO HAVE.