A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, August 4, 2012

A day in the life....on Half Acre Farm

It's been a pretty productive day so far! Got up early to feed the 'girls' (chickens, dog, kittens)...yes they are all girls. LOL  Put the coffee on...woke up the children and Mr. Eye Candy so we could go to the Farmer's Market in Suttons Bay where I filled a bag from my favorite vendor (linda!) with kale, carrots, snap peas, onions, and organic corn!!!!  Everything they grow is organic and I've spent many a moment talking w/ them.  Really enjoy KNOWING MY FARMER! :)

Our garden is getting ready to produce more, but I didn't stock those items this year.  Then, home to clean the kitchen (how do you find an easy way to clean a cast iron grill AHHHHHH) from our little get together last night w/ old friends.  FUN times!  We see them maybe once a year so it was a lot of fun!  They have the most adorable little children!!!  Hannah is now 4 and adored our Princess! They played w/ the toy kitchen, doll house, and kittens.  The little guy Alex is less than 2...but cute as a button!! I just wanted to scoop him up and kiss those cheeks!!! Blond curls! Oh my.  Sigh...wish I weren't so old...I'd think of having another baby. Oh well...:)

Ok, so the kitchen got cleaned...dishes done...and then I had to cook for Mr. Eye Candy so he'd have a steller lunch to take to work! I mean come on! I have reputation to keep! :)  I made the rest of the chicken (fried in my cast iron skillet!)...so yummy! AND I cooked bacon, kale, onion, garlic, and opened a jar of Canned Beets from my friend Jen! YUMMY.  That was a great grouping!  All you do is:

Cut up bacon and saute
Set aside.
Keep bacon grease in pan and add cut up onion and garlic
add Kale (I tear mine up into bite sizes)
Pour in 1/4 cup (ish) of apple cider vinegar
Add in beets (mine were canned so I just cut them up)
If beets are raw, I'd cook them in w/ the onion and garlic first THEN add Kale
Add bacon back in.
EAT. lol

.....so so so good!

Anyway...THEN I had to clean up after that!

I've also been out in the 90+ degree weather to give all the girls fresh water.  WHEW it's a hot one out there!  Kittens are lounging in the shade...blind dog under the steps...chickens scratching in the shaded part of the pen.  HOT out there.

Kids are cleaning their rooms!  They've already put away all their clean laundry.  I did let them watch cartoons for awhile, but I get tired of listening to that stuff so off it goes!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

Stay cool out there!