A happy me

A happy me
family - is everything

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Latest and Greatest - or whatever

Ok...so today was NOT the best day ever. In fact....it sucked. BIG TIME.

Let's just put it this way.  2 wks ago we had to take the OLD riding lawn mower (zero turn monster) to the shop. This happens EVERY fall....and about 3 times a year as I see it.  Darn thing is old mind ya!

Ok...so we think we're supposed to get it back last wednesday...NOPE.  So..in that process...we lose 2 accounts.  Fall Clean ups.  This amounts to about $700.  Yes...that is  A LOT of $$$$ for us. A LOT.
Darn thing costs us $500 to fix.  So...you do the math. That is $1200 we've lost.  For us...that is horrific.

So, I'm trying SO hard to be thankful. To think of all the things I have...health, life, children, home, heat, electric, food. etc. So many don't have these things.  I have to BE THANKFUL.

Ok, so there it is.  One day more in the life of the LAWN CARE providers.  OH the drama.  It's so based on $$. TIME....and equipment working!

So, today I will be thankful if it kills me.  I will be grateful I have a healthy family, cars that work, heat in my house, and FOOD on my table.

There.  The end.