A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson learned

Ok...I was bad.  I admit it.  I bought one of those yummy bags of dried bread (like bagel chips) from our local bread store. SO good.  I tell ya...the GOOD bread type stuff. You know?  They are very well known and I missed bread SO much...and I thought the hard little bite size pieces would be OK if I added a little garlic spread. OH to die for yumminess!!!

Well...let me tell you...at almost 8 months out post op from RNY (july 20, 2011) BIG STINKIN' mistake.  Yup...one little handful of those babies landed me in the bathroom immediately after I ate them.  Saying HELLO to the porcelain goddess.  Not fun.  Runny nose...eyes...saliva...ok...you get the idea.

So, Lent you say? yup...what do I give  up? CARBS! ALL of them. Ok...the white kind that still call my name with a vengeance!

On a more depressing note....we looked at another house today.  WANT IT SO BAD!  However, we also learned a few things today.
#1.  We're poor!! what? really? I guess I never realized it! ha!  I mean...in MY book, I have less than $8500 in debt, AND Own my cars....PLUS credit scores of 798 and 783.  BUT....we're poor. HA HA HA
#2.  We have to sell this house before we can even THINK about another one. Boo!  Which means we will probably bring the price down to the absolute BOTTOM line. another boo.
#3.  God throws things in my path to test me.  For what? I'm still not sure, but I do know I'm learning to be more frugal...and thankful for what I DO have.  I mean, I have a small but nice house, and can pay my bills...AND be a stay at home mom!!

So...I also got to visit w/ a new losers bench sister today (two actually!)!!!!  Was very exciting!  They both had RNY w/ my surgeon Dr. Featherstone.  AWESOME!!! I won't name any names yet...but I'm very excited to be a part of their journeys!

Today I weigh in at 153.3 lbs.  I am happy in a size 10 jeans...and large or med. top.  I LOVE my Slimpression tank tops...they hold it in baby!  I bought two for the price of one!

Ok peeps....no carbs.  AND, I will count my blessings here in this little house....one, two, three....oh, those are the little stinkers and Mr. Eye Candy.  Life is good.