A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today we see A HOUSE

Well, today is the day we actually get to view a house! Talk about a long process.  We are trying to get funding through a USDA program called Beginner Farmers.  We'd like some property with a few acres so we can do chickens (EGGS!!!).  There are several schools in our area that are wishing there was a LOCAL establishment that could provide them with eggs. I see this as a great niche that needs to be filled.  Plus, we think chickens are fun.

So, the crazy thing is that you have to get a purchase agreement signed...BEFORE you even know what or how much you're eligible for...and BEFORE you know WHEN the $$ will be available. Welcome to government programs. ha ha  We're going for it though. 

Here is the link to the old Centennial farm we are going to look at:  (yes old) http://www.taar.com/mlssearch/#1711285

The old farm house could use some help I know. lol I cringe when I look at the kitchen! ugh.  BUT THE LAND!!! THE BARN!!! omg.  I am in love.  We've been looking for a long time too.  This place has been on the market for a LONG time and it just came down $10,000.  Sooooo....another bonus is that the listing agent is a girl I used to WORK WITH! HA HA HA HA how cool is that? (we were waitresses once upon a time).

Anyway, this is a happy day in the fact that we are LOOKING at a place, and it will motivate me to finish the paperwork needed to keep this ball rolling.

On a WEIGHT note, I am now 44 lbs down since surgery....and since march (when this all started) I'm down 56 lbs!!! Size 12's are getting a bit loose now, and those SAVED jeans I've held on to for 8 yrs are NEXT baby!!!

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