A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weigh In and quick update

OK...omg...I just did my measurements and a weigh in.  WOW. Since March of this year when all the hoops had almost been jumped through, and I weighed in at the Surgeon's office...it was 222 lbs.  (My scale was higher but it sucked ha).  So, weigh in today at home was 169.3 lbs! (new scale!!!).  THAT Is 53 lbs!!!! I am so excited!  Plus, I've lost a total of 38 inches overall. Yes. Thank you God!

I feel great! I feel like I look great too!  I am going to have my nephew make a slide show for me. Yes, it's still in the works.  Today is my 4 month surgiversary so I need to get more pictures done.  I want there to be several for the slide show.  He is going to use one of his very own songs to go along with it!  I told him to put the lyrics in there as they are pretty awesome!!!  So...be patient.  We are super busy w/ Fall Clean-ups (lawn care) right now, and the weather not in our favor...lots of RAIN and maybe SNOW tomorrow. yuck. Not yet please.  Plus the old fart riding lawn mower we use for this type of work has pooped out and is once again (yes at least 3x's a year) in the shop. AHHHHHH  Never a dull moment.

Sadness has also found its way into a dear friends life.  My old friend from home (Ludington, MI) lost her father yesterday.  I send out love and friendship to you Lisa Loxen Makowicki.  To you and yours.  I will be going to the funeral on Saturday.  Mr. Eye Candy worked today so he could take Saturday off so I could go down to be with them.  What a man.

My little Mr. E (6 yrs old) keeps telling me that he wants Santa to bring him a "Murray Dog Puppy" for Christamas.  We used to have a GREAT old Golden Retriever named Murray, and Mr. E loved him!  I've actually gone online and did some looking...but OMG they are expensive.  Plus...do I really want a puppy? lol

Anywho!!  Looks like Sunday is gonna be a fun day for me! I got a babysitter lined up and a couple of my old girlies and I are gonna meet up for a MOVIE! Wow...when do I get to do that?  We've been talking about "FOOTLOOSE" since it started advertising.  Back in my day......ahem....we were teenagers that totally LOVED that old film...that is now the remake. LOL So we're going to try and go see it again together like we did...um....20some years ago!? eek!

Have a great rest of your week everyone! I promise to get my nephew working on that slide show SOON.

Lana out.

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