A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Latest pics and my bad blogging

Ok, so here ya go.  I suck at blogging.  I don't really lead a very exciting life - unless you count all the shows I tape on the DVR as excitement. 

However, I have realized that even now 6 ... yes SIX months after surgery, I am still and will always be a food addict.  Best part now though is I am in love w/ good food.  Like Spaghetti Squash!!! Wow...who knew how amazing that little wonder was gonna turn out to be in my life!  Even Mr. Eye Candy is ahhing over it! ha ha

Ok, but on to the pictures.  I try to do side by sides but I am technologically impaired so you have to look at them one at a time.

Here is the beginning shot.  The WHALE of it all...or the all of me BEFORE surgery in July 2010. Then me at 3 months...and the last two of me NOW at 6 months post op.

You've come a long way, Baby.  Over 60 lbs lost forever!!!!!!  Wearing a size 10 jeans and med/large top.   I haven't been shopping in awhile so I only have 3 pairs of jeans now that fit. Two are size 10, and one is size 12. 

I am still losing my hair at a drastic rate.  This is to be expected from this sort of surgery though. I knew it was going to happen.  I've recently had a nightmare where I was completely bald in some spots all over my head. Freaky.  The hair WILL grow back though.  I'm expecting it to stop falling out soon.  Most patients say around the 7 month mark they start noticing less fall out and by 1 yr it is growing back. 

I'm just so happy to be in real clothes again.  Happy to have energy and happy to have life.  I am actually looking forward (for once) to working along side Mr. Eye Candy in the Lawn Care Business this year!  Just need to find me a nanny for 2 days a week!  I have a couple peeps in mind. :)

I am blessed.  A friend reminded me the other day when I was complaining of my 20 min drive back and forth to the school (every day...twice a day).  She reminded me of WHERE I live.  We were just voted the "MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN AMERICA". Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Yup. That is where I LIVE!  I'm so blessed.  I have a scenic route every day with my drive.  I am reminded to be thankful.  Thankful I have a home that we can afford.  Thankful for friends that remind me to take another LOOK at not just me...but where I live.  Life is good.  I have to admit it!


  1. Congrats Aunt Lana. I love reading your positive mojo. You have such a splendid outlook. Grandma would be so proud of the wonderful woman and mother you are. It takes real strength to stay positive in a time where many are so negative.

  2. Very proud of you! Besides having the surgery, you have made a change in lifestyle not only what you eat but what this family eats! Thank you for opening my eyes. I love you!

  3. You look awesome! Way to go!! I hate the hair falling out too. Even at 15 months out :( Since I've been getting my iron treatments it has slowed down so crossing my fingers. Congrats again!