A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Fun Birds Nest Project = SPRING!!!

Ok...so I'm lame.  I did a silly birds nest project with Mr. Eye Candy's sock...lol. Hey, it had a hole in it!  I decided to give those awesome birds outside some help!

I kept a little net bag from some fruit...and spent an hour (watching a show off the DVR mind you) shredding an old sock. :)  Oh, and I'm still losing some hair...so I grabbed some of that from the waste can and added it to the net.  Then put it out at the feeder.  You can also tie a string around the top and hang it from a tree limb.

Happy EARLY Spring! (at least here in Northern MI!)

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  1. I am loving this weather! It is hard to believe we had over a foot of snow just over a week ago. My husband said it was going to be 70 in northern Michigan tomorrow. I am so looking forward to it. :)