A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, May 11, 2012

Useless facts about me

Something fun we're doing over in one of my Weight Loss Surgery Facebook groups.  Five questions we have to answer about Summer.  Feel free to copy and paste and create your own answers on your blog.  These are mine:

  1. Julana (Lana) Schaub
  2. Favorite colors: are, BLUE, blue, and BLUE.
  3. My favorite summer scenes: are horses in the field.  Horses, horses, horses. Running, trotting, grazing, or standing swishing flies.  If there is a horse in the picture I am content.
  4. Shoe size: is 8 ...and this is down 1/2 a size.
  5. I love: warm windy days in Summer.  However, I must admit Fall is my favorite time of year.  Summer is a busy time for us, and squeezing in the beach is just that. A squeeze.  My favorite part of summer is grilling outside and watching the kids play in the sprinkler.  I love to sit outside w/ the blind dog under the Maple tree and watch the Hummingbirds zoom in to their feeder, and watch the hens in their yard pecking and scratching.  It's all about wishing the garden to grow a little faster, and the kids a little slower

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