A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Year after...Before/After shot

I started this journey for my Bariatric Surgery back in January of 2011.  My first visit with the surgeon was March 2011.  They took a picture that day...and today I had my one year follow up. (Surgery was actually 7/20/11).  So a little more than one year after surgery, and about a year and a half since the first picture was taken.

I am IN SHOCK!!  Did I really look like that?  I will NEVER go back. NEVER.  I actually live in fear of gaining any weight back.

Here ya go...straight from my surgeons office:

Starting weight:  222 lbs, today's weight 151.4 ...not bad.

Sometimes after surgery you wind up w/ some absorption issues...and I have.  I don't absorb iron like I need to, so I have to go in for Iron infusions this week and next.  Then, after my 6 mo check up in January 2013, I'll do blood work and probably do infusions again.  It's OK...I'm not going to sweat it.  One day at a time on this incredible journey! :)



  1. Way to go! My one year appointment is later this month. I am anxious to see the comparison pictures.

  2. Awesome job!!!! You look amazing! Congrats on all you hard work paying off!!

  3. Congrats!! I do iron infusions too and feel a lot better from them :)

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