A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lesson learned

Ok...I was bad.  I admit it.  I bought one of those yummy bags of dried bread (like bagel chips) from our local bread store. SO good.  I tell ya...the GOOD bread type stuff. You know?  They are very well known and I missed bread SO much...and I thought the hard little bite size pieces would be OK if I added a little garlic spread. OH to die for yumminess!!!

Well...let me tell you...at almost 8 months out post op from RNY (july 20, 2011) BIG STINKIN' mistake.  Yup...one little handful of those babies landed me in the bathroom immediately after I ate them.  Saying HELLO to the porcelain goddess.  Not fun.  Runny nose...eyes...saliva...ok...you get the idea.

So, Lent you say? yup...what do I give  up? CARBS! ALL of them. Ok...the white kind that still call my name with a vengeance!

On a more depressing note....we looked at another house today.  WANT IT SO BAD!  However, we also learned a few things today.
#1.  We're poor!! what? really? I guess I never realized it! ha!  I mean...in MY book, I have less than $8500 in debt, AND Own my cars....PLUS credit scores of 798 and 783.  BUT....we're poor. HA HA HA
#2.  We have to sell this house before we can even THINK about another one. Boo!  Which means we will probably bring the price down to the absolute BOTTOM line. another boo.
#3.  God throws things in my path to test me.  For what? I'm still not sure, but I do know I'm learning to be more frugal...and thankful for what I DO have.  I mean, I have a small but nice house, and can pay my bills...AND be a stay at home mom!!

So...I also got to visit w/ a new losers bench sister today (two actually!)!!!!  Was very exciting!  They both had RNY w/ my surgeon Dr. Featherstone.  AWESOME!!! I won't name any names yet...but I'm very excited to be a part of their journeys!

Today I weigh in at 153.3 lbs.  I am happy in a size 10 jeans...and large or med. top.  I LOVE my Slimpression tank tops...they hold it in baby!  I bought two for the price of one!

Ok peeps....no carbs.  AND, I will count my blessings here in this little house....one, two, three....oh, those are the little stinkers and Mr. Eye Candy.  Life is good.


  1. I hope you sell yours fast! Good luck!

  2. I hope you sell the house and found the house of your dreams. We were suppose to look at a property last Sat with 18 acres (swoon) we drove all the way there 40 mins from our house and damn it if the seller would not let us in the house, wtf!!!! We had an appointment, he claims he did not know about according to our realtor, he was to have 2 others that day. I was so pissed!!

  3. oh no :( I tried rice and pasta knowing I shouldn't have because it got me where I was 16 months ago but I did. It was stuck for 4 hours, yes salivating, nausea, stuck, barfing, had it all. Glad it happened because I don't wanna touch carbs but it sucked.

  4. Wow you look so great!! I have major issues with carbs. I love them and they hate me! If I go over about 30 carbs in a day I gain weight. Ridiculous! Like you I should give them all up completely!!