A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

The husband/eye candy hee hee

Ok, so today is not so much about My journey...but a little tiny bit about a visit to the allergist that hubby/eye candy had to endure, that sort of made me laugh a whole bunch and maybe forgive him a little bit for the "forgot to fill up your gas tank again, dear" moment the other day. Let me explain that one a little. ha ha ha

First, hubby knows the gas gauge is broken on the Blue Wonder (2000 Van). He also knows you're supposed to FILL the gas tank (even though gas was at $3.66 a gal) at either 300 miles OR LESS.  Yup. Good mileage on that old baby!  So, he rushes off this past monday to take the princess to school, does all his house checks for those rich summer people that trust us with their homes, and comes home to get ready for his DAY job (at the casino).  I asked him when he called on the road...."Honey, did you put gas in the van?", "It was still showing over 1/4 tank" he says.  I remind him that gauge is broken...he replies it is probably still fine. hmmmmm First warning bell.  So, off he goes to get ready for work...and off he goes to work in his truck.  THEN, 2:30pm rolls around, and I bundle up the Little E, and as we pull out of the garage to go pick up the princess (aka miss thing), I notice the MILEAGE . . . I slam on the brakes. It says 313 miles.  I think I might have said a bad word, and suddenly I understand what people mean when they say they "SAW RED".  For those of you that don't know where we live...it's at least 15 miles from the nearest gas station (that is not out of the way to the school). Oh My.  I continue on to pick up the princess because I have no choice. AFTER checking the red gas can in the garage - which was EMPTY.  The blood pressure is rising. Needless to say, I did make it to the gas station, but the fact remains that Mr. Eye Candy is guilty (once again I might add) of neglecting the big pet peeve I have........no gas in the car.

So, he received a very controlled phone call from me later.  Where I reminded him of my pet peeve, and the fact of the broken gauge, and the miles that can be driven safely with TWO KIDS in the car to worry over.  He was apologetic...and knew he was in the dog house. I threatened to stop cooking. (his biggest fear! ha ha)

Today, was a bit of a evil gloat? Not sure how to describe it actually, as I do love the man. After all, he's eye candy and he's mine.  Today he had to have some small pin prick pokes ALL over his back at the allergist. Oh yes...I mean A LOT of them.  He sort of whimpered a bit, and looked all 'poor me'.  I can't remember the last time he and I laughed as much as we have today!!!  My eye candy has a great sense of humor, and after over 8 years together, we sure know how to laugh. So, after all that pain and agony, he's forgiven, and I think I'll cook again.  He'll probably do it to me again (no gas in the van), but after all, he's so good looking, how can you not love that face.

P.S. He also unloaded and LOADED the dishwasher for me tonight. I think I'll keep him.

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  1. we know the felling, we have a 07 trail blazer with a broke gauge in it. like yours iam sure its hard to pay the $400 - $500 to have it fixed , so we to do the 300 miles. but Iam the one who forgets to push the reset button so I have to go back and refill the darn thing just so I can push the button. thats what we get for being cheapskates