A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ok, so I haven't had anything too exciting to chat about lately, and now that it's SPRING things are getting pretty darn busy around here.  Hubby and I do lawncare, so it's Spring Clean up time, and we are getting calls for estimates. Yeah!

I did go last week and have my Endoscopy done. I thought I was having an Upper GI where you drink a bunch of chalky stuff and they check to see why you have heartburn. WELL, they didn't really explain to me at the consult visit that I was having a SCOPE done. Wow is all I'm saying. ha! The drugs were awesome. Eric video taped me after the procedure, and I have to say it was stinking FUNNY.  I don't remember any of it. ha ha ha

The Dr. called me yesterday to let me know they had taken some biopsies during the scope, and that everything came back normal.  Well that was good news, but I didn't even know they had done any biopsies. That just goes to show Eric should have video taped the DOCTOR instead of me!

I'm still waiting on my new computer. Very frustrating. Has been almost 3 weeks since I ordered it. Boo hoo.

We bought new boards for the trailer, and we're almost done painting it. It's going to look better than the truck. The only draw back is that now I have black paint splotches all over my right arm and hand because I am not very good at painting without getting a whole lot of it ON ME. Oh well. I feel so pretty.

On a super awesome note, I was able to get over and spend the afternoon at the barn where I have my horse, Romeo (aka Doodleman).  He is 22 yrs old (january), and it was AWESOME to be able to brush him and love on him, and kiss him, and smell him. Can you tell I am a bit horse crazy?  I don't get out there much anymore, and the last time I rode was at least a year ago or more.  Back before kids, I would be at the barn on average 4 or 5 nights a week...and then again on the weekend!  When I worked at a Stable I'd be there every single day.  I used to live and breath horses.  Now, with kids it's very difficult to do anything horse related because Emma is so very allergic to animals.  When I do take her with me, we have to take all her med's with us and her breathing machine, and she has to wash her hands if she touches ANYTHING. Very sad.  I keep wondering how I had a kid with so many allergies! ha  I think we have most of it under control now though.

Anyway, I am supposed to get a chest x-ray but the dr. office did not give me a form for that, so I had to call them. They are sending one and THEN I can get that done, go to my second 'support' meeting this coming monday...and THEN schedule for the surgery!!!! FINALLY.  I just want a surgery date so I can start planning the summer around it.

That's it for now. Just keeping pretty busy and enjoying the sunshine that has finally decided to show itself in Northern Michigan.

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