A happy me

A happy me
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Sunday, July 10, 2011

And Here We Go

Ok, so here we go. 10 days and counting....down.  I think there have been quite a few 'freak out' moments.  Not so much about the surgery, but all the things I have to do before hand.  Get all the laundry done, pack clothes for the kids (as they will be w/ Aunt Kimmy for 5 or 6  days), get frozen dinners stocked up for hubby (hee hee as I'm not gonna cook...poor man), keep house clean (as it's for sale), etc.

We are still trying to get someone lined up to help Eric w/ the lawn care!  NO ONE wants to work anymore.  It would really only be one or two days a week for about 7 hrs.  Easy you'd think. I'm shocked at the work ethic I'm encountering.  My husband works two jobs for his family.  With the way the economy is now, and gas prices, food prices, etc., things are still tough for a lot of people.  However, no one wants to pick up extra work for $9 or $10 an hour.  If Eric had a guy work two 7 hr days doing yard work, that guy would make $140 tax free.  Times that by 4 weeks, and you've got $560.  We actually had a teenage boy help us out one day, he really wanted the job, but he couldn't do the work.  He had no idea what 'working' was.  Really nice kid, but no concept of work.  Today we spend so much time in front of the computer, and playing video games that being outside moving is not in the daily lifestyle anymore.

Ah well, enough on that soap box.  Not sure why I even went there...except that it's been a rough summer. 

I truly have high hopes in myself.  I used to be such an active person.  I loved cross country skiing, riding bikes, horses, hiking, taking walks.  I've been such a hermit these past 8 years that I've forgotten how much fun all of that can be.  I'm not a 'fun' mom.  I've ripped off my kids in a lot of ways by not going to 'fun' things with them. Parades, library functions, school bbq's, etc.  I just don't like going out in public.  My plans for this fall include hiking, horse back riding (maybe), going to the state park with the kids and walking some of those fun trails I used to love!  The world is going to be open to me again.  I chose to live it.

I still get those people that try and make me question my decision for this surgery.  That's ok.  I'm finally comfortable enough with my own decision.

The one draw back on my surgeon's office that I'm a bit concerned about is that all they have really done for me up to this point, is One visit with the nutritionist, one initial visit with the surgeon, and one 5 minute follow up visit with him, and a 20 minute visit with his office assistant in which she gave me two booklets to read.  She went over things very quickly with me and I actually left the office feeling sort of overwhelmed.  I've read almost everything they've given me, but feel as if I'm on my own for this.  There is no feeling of 'support' at all.  I have a fantastic weight loss surgery page on facebook where everyone is very supportive and there if you have questions.  I rely on them more than my surgeons office!

Oh well, I know everything will be fine.  I'm not scared.  I am a little stressed with the kids being away from me for that long, but they will probably not want to come home! ha ha  Aunt Kimmy has a BOAT!

So here it is....the 10 day countdown.  This will be my last 7 days of working with Eric for at least a month after surgery.  Keep me in your prayers everyone. 

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