A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Amazement Factor

Well, it happened again! ha ha ha ha ha (that is me laughing again).  There is a person I know, who is just great. I really do like them, and they've been a big help to me from time to time.  However, once again, they are one of  'those' people (skinny and always have been) who think I need to focus more on nutrition instead of this surgery.

I guess I have to just smile and nod and say wow, any information you have will be great!  Inside I am screaming just a tad.  Although the information they provide will be exciting, and helpful, and appreciated!  But 'thin' people Just.Don't.Get.It.  I can't say it any other way.  I love all you skinny b*tches, and one day I hope to look like you again too!  I just wish that skinny people could live ONE WEEK in the shoes/life/body of a fat person. Honestly, I think it would be more than a little eye opening!

Let them work out, bust their butts trying to drop the weight during that 'week', and see how even though they are eating the EXACT same way a skinny person eats, they just can't drop an inch or a pound.  In fact, I think I'd bet $ on the fact they could not finish out the week. :)

Ah well, I respect the do gooders.  We do need friends of all types.  I think however, that the skinny ones are at a disadvantage as they have never been truly heavy enough to understand.  But aren't we all like that? We all have our opinions and think we know best on so many issues, when we've actually never lived most of them!

I told a friend just last night that as I get older, I get more vocal, and tend to be more like Maxine! ha ha

So don't hate me for being more outspoken.  HA

I was talking w/ a newer friend the other day, and she was asking questions about me, my life, family, etc......and after talking a bit, she said to me (and I am laughing this is good), "Well, you're not getting an 'A' in getting along well with others." I seriously broke out laughing!!! That was ME.  I love that, and am stealing it!  I don't get a long well with others! It's true.  I can stomach stupid for only so long.  I think I've hermited myself away all these years not only because of my weight, but because I just got tired of dealing with crazy people.

Ah well.  Every day is a learning experience!  I think my life is just about to take off! Welcome to my journey...and enjoy the roller coaster!

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