A happy me

A happy me
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

So, I'm becoming one of those Coupon ladies. (oh yeah)  My awesome friend Becky has the 'inside scoop' on the ins and outs of couponing.  I'm gonna love this. I spent the morning w/ her. We met at Burger King (I had a coffee), and she had several papers strewn across the table w/ the coupon sections out.  We proceeded to go through the Walgreens flyer and mark down what was on sale, and what coupons were available. WOW. There is definately a 'system' to this madness! I like it! So, basically I spent $80something, saved $63something, AND got back Walgreens bucks in the amount of $11 on my next purchases. WOW.  Oh yeah. Let's just say I'm all over this Poo! Like Flies on you know what!  The state of our economy has driven me to the brink of madness, so this line of thinking fits right into my new lifestyle. LOL  Now, just to find a room I can use to STORE my new warehouse of goods to come? hmmmmm Oh hey! I almost forgot! I have a storage locker! Bonus!

Ok ok ok, enough on my freaky couponishness.  I think I shall call my friend Becky, Mrs. Coupon from now on.  It's such a cute name for her. HEE HEE (I know you love me, Beck!)

As for my weight loss...well....hmmmm. Believe it or not, I've stalled! haha Yeah, I dropped 20 lbs right off the bat, and then nothing.  I'm not worried really, as I've dropped a pants size already, and I'm sure some inches as well.  I am struggling w/ some severe (at times) right side pain. WHEW.  Not bad enough for me to grab the drugs, but bad enough for me to whine a little. (ask Mr. Eye Candy and Mrs. Coupon).  I still can't bend down for things if I drop them...."Hey kids!!! Mommy needs you!!!" lol  I figure, if I can't get it...they can.  I think actually, that I've pulled out a suture in my muscle on the right side.  Who knows. I'd call the surgeons office and ask, but they are good for nothing if you ask me.  I mean, hey, I went to the ER 3 days out of surgery, and no one bothered to check in on me.  That personal service is no longer a part of our society I guess.  Here is your #, now go home.  I'm ok. I'm getting over the whole "My surgeons office sucks" mindset.  I will still tell them though when I see them on Wednesday.  I believe in letting them know that they need to be more on the ball for the next guy in my shoes....or well I was going to say Pants (because of the weight loss thing), but that sounds sort of prostitute-ish.  So we'll go with shoes.

On a different note, school is almost here! I have to say, I'm ready for the routine again.  NOT the run around I'm going to get this year, but the routine is always welcomed.  Plus, our little guy is going into Kindergarten!  We now officially have a 2nd grader and a Kindergartener.  Fun.  The not so fun part , is they both have cousins in each of their classes. WHICH MEANS, I have to deal w/ the "family" on a weekly basis.  God help me.  I've told Mr. Eye Candy that he needs to let his brother know....I DO NOT WANT TO TALK TO HIS WIFE. Ever.  I think it's all for the best really.  We don't want me in jail!  I think my blood pressure just spiked typing that! wow.  Yes, my sister-in-law really gets me.  I try not to talk about her, because it only gets my blood pressure going, and next thing you know Mr. Eye Candy is hiding the hunting rifle.  ??  It's such a long story!  I should actually write it in my blog sometime.  WOW I could actually write a whole BOOK on the subject.  Might actually make it to the best sellers list.  I could name it, "Avoidance At All Costs" or some such thing.  It could be a murder mystery! Where I get away with the perfect crime! Hmmmmmm.  Naw...I'd wind up in the hospital from dwelling on it too much. ha

Well, I hope everyone is having fun this summer!  I'm going a bit mad in the house by now.  I may take the kids to the barn this next week to see the horses. (pony rides too).  Emma has been begging me.  I just have to pack all her meds for us to attempt a trip over there.  I do miss my dear sweet Doodleman though.

Now who can resist THAT face?  His actual name is "Dashing Through" (ex-race horse!), and I often have wondered to myself...hmmmm....Dashing through what? lol  But, we named him Romeo when I bought him back in '99, and since, his barn name has become Doodleman...or Doodle.  It's a long story. lol One my friend and cohort Diane knows very well!

Well, off I go to cut more coupons!  Have a great Sunday everybody!  Keep those trigger fingers busy!  That way everyone stays alive and well! ha ha ha

Lana out.

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