A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another day another dollar...or less

Well, had my 3 week check up! OH YEAH. I can now officially eat things I could not before. You know. like FOOD!  I took the kids to Wendy's (because BK and McD are evil) and ordered a Small Chili. WOW. Who knew THAT would taste soooo goooood!!!!!!  I could only eat a little bit of it though, and brought the rest home for later...and ate some for dinner...and STILL have some left over. I'ma lovin' this new pouchy stomach! :)

THEN, kids and I went to Kohl's shopping where I used my 30% off bonus discount.  Little E picked out a spankin' sweet pair of Sketchers for school. WOW Those things are expensive! What is it with kids and sketchers? Heaven help me.  Thank God for my friend Louann's consignment store!!! (Ludington, MI)  I can buy name brand clothes there and NOT go broke! AND bonus...take all my stuff there and sell it and MAKE money. HEE HEE HEE  Oh, and I found an AWESOME pair of hooker shoes for like $7.
I admit that I can wear them...but it will take some practice. LOL I haven't worn heals in years!  Think I'll drop another 40 lbs first. Just to be safe. ha

Anyway...nothing else exciting today.  Just a lot of fun shopping with my kiddie pooh's and EATING real food again.

On another bonus...hubby just got home from working all day...and he brought me a gorgeous bouquet of flowers! WOW. I'm spoiled. 

OH, I almost forgot! haha  I bought my 'folder' for my COUPONS today. :) hee hee I'm now an official coupon lady!


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