A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Two weeks tomorrow

Well, tomorrow will be two weeks after surgery.  I'm feeling good.  I get tired easier, and I run out of energy quicker.  Just going to the grocery store made me want to come home and take a nap!  I'm not complaining, I'm just explaining the 'after'.  I know it will get better and easier. 

For now, I am eating very little.  Baby food sometimes!  Those tiny little 2.5 ounce jars are perfect and actually make TWO meals for me.  And...yes...I feel hungry.  They tell you that you WON'T feel hunger. Lie.  I feel hungry.  I recognize when it's 'head hunger' (when you THINK you want something but you're not really hungry) and when it's real hunger.  The head hunger hits when you smell pizza or something cooking.  OH YEAH that is hard.   I can only eat the soft stuff right now until after my Dr. Appt. on the 10th.  So, baby food and cottage cheese are darn good right now!

I still look back and think of a dear friend, who has basically passed me over because of this surgery, and remember what she told me.  That I just needed a personal trainer.  Hmmmmm.  If you've ever been over weight, or fought to get some pounds off, you know that it's NOT easy. Not as easy as just joining  a gym and working if off.  I did join Curves...twice.  Did I lose weight? No.  Did I love working out? Yes.  Did I watch what I ate? Yes.  Did I eat healthy food? Yes. Did I lose weight? No.  Did I cut out sugar from my diet? Yes. Did I lose weight? Yes. 8 whole lbs.  I'm proof that diet and exercise are NOT the only answer.

I hate to say it, but skinny people will never 'get it'.  They have never struggled to the extent that large girls have. Never.  I'm sorry chickies...but you cannot tell me or any of my fellow Weight Loss Surgery peeps that a good 'work out' will do it. 

I've found that along this journey, I've lost a friend or two.  Maybe they'll come back? Maybe I don't want them back. Time will tell.  I know that right now I'm happy. VERY happy with the decision I made for  ME and my family.  The energy levels will increase, and I look forward to the next few months and next year when I can do more with my kids outside!!!  I look forward to riding my horse again!

For now though I am still dealing with some side pain. (this is typical) One day at a time. It keeps getting better.  I've already dropped 20 lbs. 

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