A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Day Nine. Stage 2 food and venting

Today is Day 9.  I have successfully arrived.  One day at a time is the only way to approach this journey!   The first week was basically pretty uncomfortable.  Lots of pain, meds, and of course that fun trip to the ER. (all because of nausea!).  I am still wearing my 'binder' that they gave me at the hospital. I swear by it!  It's basically like a back support brace, but just stretchy and 'holds' you.  I lovingly call it my GIRDLE. ha ha  It keeps things from getting bounced around and ultimately OUCHY.  And, it's great when the kids want a hug and come running. I don't fear it.

I've been trying to be a really good girl and walk at least a 1/2 mile every day.  Yup. Go me.  The only real fall back that I've been dealing with is the "house guests".  I cannot really go into detail here out of respect to them.  But, lets just say I am learning to not kill people in their sleep.  I've had to tape my trigger finger with duct tape to all my other fingers...just to be safe. (or is that just to keep them safe?)

I've really been having an issue with the smell of food.  Not BAD smells, but Oh MY GOODNESS, the smell of PIZZA just about undid me.  I thought I was going to pull out my hair and well...all I know is, the smell of GOOD food is so cruel!  It's like Pavlov's dog....I smell it...I want it!  I know it tastes good...but I can't HAVE IT. Oh the evilness.

You see, I was on the 'liquid' diet for the first day prior to surgery, and then the first Week after surgery. Wow. THAT is hard when you've got PEOPLE in your house that have to actually eat. hmmmmm  Probably why I shipped the kids off to sister for 8 days!  However, others in the house must EAT, and even though I CAN'T it does not seem to matter. 

Now I am on Week 2 and 3 stage II diet.  This means, I can eat creamy soups, pudding (sugar free), cottage cheese, instant mashed potatoes, applesauce (unsweetened), and any liquids except pop or caffeine.  OH and jello. Yippie.  I have two weeks on this.  Cooking for the kids (who are now home) is really not an issue for me as they are little innocence to me.  They don't understand, so they are off the hook on the responsibility end of things.  Their little tummies must be fed.  I get that. I love them.

However, 'others' in my house do not share this 'get out of jail free' card. So basically I am trapped in my own home. In my back bedroom.  Shutting the door when 'others' need to eat.  I cannot go out to my living room/kitchen area because I have NO idea when 'they' will eat.  That first night with the pizza was my undoing.  I knew I could not eat it, I knew it would kill me, I knew I was on that darn liquid diet, I also knew I wanted to kill all of them for eating it IN MY HOUSE...where I could Smell it.

I think there is only ONE more day of this torture.  Cherry season is almost over, and the 'family' will be packing up and taking off back to their respective home.  I'm trying so very hard to be good.  Those of you that know me best, know that two days of guests is about all I can handle.  I'm a very private person in my home, and rarely have people here.  I think there have really only been 3 friends who've actually come stay w/ me. LOL  I love you, but two days is my limit.  Hey, I'm honest!  This however, has been an almost 8 day stretch of 'guests'.  I'm fresh out of surgery, can't eat, kids to care for, and guests.  You can imagine my level of stress at this point.  And, if you can't imagine my level of stress, well...I won't go into detail as it may hurt someone.

So, ONE MORE day (I think).  I was up until 11pm last night venting to Mr. Eye Candy.  He's a saint by the way to listen to me go on and on and on.  His family really is a piece of work though.  THAT could be a book! wow.  I could seriously write a BOOK on the life and times of the Schaubs in Leelanau County. eek!  There are plenty of days I wish we'd used MY last name instead of HIS. Oh yeah...I kid you not.

Ok...so enough of my crabbing.  I am feeling well.  Sore.  At first it was like I'd been hit by a truck, but now it's just muscle sore and a few twinges when I try to bend over to pick something up. I can now drive my van (thank GOD), and walk walk walk.  No lifting though (no more than 10 lbs).   Wish me well on this final ...please...day of guests.  I am losing my schmidt. I want my house back.  I can't really relax in my own home.  Which means, I am not truly healing after surgery.  I need rest and relaxation.  Not stress.  I am looking forward to next week with GLEE.

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