A happy me

A happy me
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Some fun things

Well, we have a new addition to our house (for now).  His name is Pumba, but I call him "Chance".  He's a 5 week old kitten.  The JERK who gave us 3 kittens a week and a half ago, said they were old enough to leave their mother, and we were going to take them to Mr. Eye Candy's family farm for the barn.  UMmmmmm NOT after I saw those little things!  They were so small! And two of them did not look healthy to begin with.  So, two of them died within 3 days.  It was devastating!   One of them died in the little Princess' arms!  I was not happy.  The third one is our sole survivor.  He's been to the vet.  The vet says they were barely 4 wks old, and WAY too young to leave their mother.  The issue I'm up against is that Mr. Eye Candy and the Princess are allergic to cats!!!  I have been bringing the little guy in at night and he stays in the laundry room.  He's also litter box trained!!!  Is anyone in the MICHIGAN area interested in a sweet little gray and white kitten that is SO loving???  I don't want to advertise him on craigslist. (yes its a boy kitten).  I'm lost...I don't want to take him to the humane society either!  I've just fallen in love with this little bundle!!!  However, I cannot keep him.

We went to a birthday party yesterday for the Princess' BFF.  She turned 7.  Big bouncy house and lots of candy. ha ha  I actually had a good time.  Talked to a couple of the other mom's.  Most of the kids from the princess' class were there.  Sooooo, I was able to meet "jersey shore" for the first time.  We (my friend becky named her) call her that because that is where she's from...and talks like it too!  We thought she'd be one of those spandex wearing, stiletto heal tripping, big hair, 10 lbs of make up kind of woman.  Nope. Frump.  Plain Jane.  But holy hell! That woman can TALK!  I swear! I thought I was a talker...nope...she's got me beat! BIG TIME.   It was an interesting afternoon to say the least.  The princess has already has some very stressful issues with Jersey Shore's son at school.  Trust me...I did NOT bring it up to this woman! whew! I'd never have gotten away from her!  Her kid is just as bad as she is!  Very in your face, and sort of like a young stalker.  I kid  you not.

On a weight loss turn, I am still not feeling like I'm losing.  Not sure why.  I know I am...just don't feel it.  I think the scale hates me...but inches are melting...clothes are definitely fitting better.  I get to buy a digital scale on tuesday. (my bday...I'll be 35...again!) ha ha  Everyone says I look great.  Hmmmmm.  This picture was taken about 2 wks ago.

This was the first day of school for the munchkins.  One of the first times in years I've felt comfortable getting a picture taken!  Little E doesn't look too happy...but he really loves school! hahahaha  It's just the only pic of me that day.

So on tuesday..when I turn 35 (again) I am going shoe shopping. hee hee I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE shoes!  After kids though, I sort of turned to wearing flats...boring shoes. yuck.  Now I'm gonna find me some fun winter shoes! Oh yeah, baby!  Wish me luck!


  1. Happy Bday! My birthday is on the 30th and I will be 35 again as well :)

    You look wonderful and should be taking many more pics!

  2. ha ha ha Marisa! I think 35 will continue to be the "new" number each year! HA Thanks! I actually got into a size 14 pants today w/o ANY trouble! I was SO excited!!! I am trying to put together a slide show...I'm not doing the best on that one! When it's done I will post it here.