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A happy me
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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, the good is that I have two adorable munchkins picking up their toys right now w/o me screaming at them! Oh yeah!   If I try really hard I can probably come up with a few more things to add to the "good" list.  However, I've got so many "Bad & Ugly" things right now...I think they are blocking out the "good".

Yesterday, I get a call from the new Principal of our school.  You know...those dreaded calls?  Ok, maybe you don't. I know them though. Our school is very strict. I hate those calls.  This one wasn't good.  My darling Princess kicked a fellow student on the playground.  OK...but did the P tell me why? or that my daughter was reacting to another girl throwing DIRT in her hair??? Nope. Well, not at first she didn't.  She merely let me believe for a few minutes that MY daughter was the cause...and reason for said "altercation".  I am now thinking the P is a big B.  Needless to say, my conversation w/ the P/B did not go over very well.  She tried to put words in my mouth when I suggested that the two girls (mine and the other one) in question had been seated together in class all week.  She kept trying to say things to me like, "So, what you're saying is, you think the teacher shouldn't put them next to each other in class?"  NO..I did not say that.  "So, what you're saying then is that you think the teacher should have a seating arrangement?" NO, I did not say that either!  I told her to stop putting words in my mouth, I was not trying to tell anyone how to do their job.  I also asked if the counselor was called in...and was LIED TO!!!  She told me that Mrs. A was in meetings all afternoon and unavailable. OMG.  Well, Mrs. A told me herself when Mr. Eye Candy and myself went in early to pick up the kids, that she was in the library all day like every thursday.   Now remember...this is a CATHOLIC SCHOOL.  You know...where you're NOT supposed to LIE?  I think the P is not going to be getting much respect from me if she is going to LIE to me.  AND, to make it better, she point blank LIED to Mr. Eye Candy and told him the same thing! He spoke to her after school, and asked why Mrs. A was not called in....and SHE LIED TO HIM.  OH OK.  I see how things are going to go.  She was trying to cover her A$$. 

I want so bad to pull my kids from this school...to move them somewhere else!  However, I also know that no matter where we go...it will still be a challenge.  Mostly for me.  I have some major anger issues w/ private schools.  Probably because I went to one for 9 years.  Left me feeling like no one ever truly LISTENED.  So I guess I have a big chip on my shoulder.  I refuse to let the same thing happen to my kids that happened to me.  EVER.  Which is why the counselor MUST be involved. 

On top of all of that drama...I had some drama over the past week regarding my horse.  I've had a super lady leasing him for the past 5 yrs because honestly...I can't afford to pay for him.  I look at the arrangement and think she is getting the raw deal.  We agreed she would ride 3 days a week, and I'd try to get out on the days she didn't ride. She pays a lowered rate on the $board$. On the other end of this, she was also put to work by the barn owners...3 days a week, she cleans stalls, water buckets, etc.  I'd say she works at least 2 + hrs 3x's a week.  Now if you add up those hours...and pay $10 an hour...SHE IS GETTING SCREWED.  yup.  I think she should not have to pay any $board$ at all.  She's seriously getting taken advantage of.  Now, the drama is this:  I was told by the barn owners (who've been my friends for 12 yrs) that I should pay 1/2 the $board$ on my horse now that I've started riding again.  REALLY? hmmmmm.    So now I've got to come up w/ $$ that I don't have, that I was actually putting into my gas tank just to drive the 35 min. over there 2 times a week.  So guess what? I will be paying 1/2 the $board$, but won't be able to drive over there to ride!!! Geez.  Life just gets better. (sarcasm!)

My dream is to sell our house, get the Beginner Farmer Loan from the USDA, and get the property we have our hearts set on (or one like it!) and Move my horse HOME.  Let him live out his days with me...where I can see him in the pasture outside my windows...where I can hear him nicker to me each morning and evening when I feed him.  This is my dream.  It's real...and can happen.  I just want it quicker than I can have it.  Patience is not, nor has it ever been, one of my virtues.

So there...mostly BAD and UGLY this time. Sorry.  At least it's real.  Life can be sucky sometimes.  Life can kick you when you're doing so good!  I was so happy to be riding my horse again! So happy to be out at the barn with my daughter, teaching her how to ride.  Yes, innuendo's were said about THAT too.  She won't be going back to ride any other horse EXCEPT the one we own! I can tell you that.

Tomorrow is another day.  It has to be better.

On a super good note...I'm down 3 pants sizes. I look hot. LOL  Pictures next time I promise!

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  1. Let's see the hot pics!!

    I'm sorry about the school situation. Our 10 yr old is high functioning autistic and the school gets earful's from me once in a while because we have to advocate for him and they always don't like what they hear :)