A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Oh the Drama of ME

Ok, so I seriously need to get some pictures on here for you guys.  I feel GREAT!  I've officially lost 3 pants sizes! 44 lbs gone forever!!!  I feel AWESOME.  I am wearing a size MEDIUM top! Whuck?!  I can't believe it!!! Went to our friendly neighborhood Kohl's department store today w/ my 'additional 30% off' coupon...and HELLO, got 3 new tank top style shirts.  SUPER dressy and two of them were a size MEDIUM.  I am in shock.  I DID find a super cool pair of boots after my bday last month, and they are HOT.  I feel so alive again!  No more FAT clothes for me.  No more non-person clothing.  What is it about 'fat clothes'?  I mean...heavy, large women are people too who still LOVE fashion...and don't deserve to wear tents or clothing that looks like a MOO MOO.   I never did understand why the clothes offered for large women were so UGLY.  The industry's way of saying...fat is ugly? hmmmmm Now there is a whole other topic.

On a different note, we moved the kids out of our private school...and they both started at our Montessori School on Monday of this week, and Tuesday.  The Princess LOVES it!  Little Mr. E is OK with it, and after his second day I think he is liking it a lot more.  I know it was the right thing to do for our children.  I loved our Private school, but they are in the dark about so many Real Life issues.  The discipline is lacking to say the least. They focus on so much of the negative instead of the positive in the situation.  I don't know.  I think after a few years we'll have to go back as Montessori only goes up through 6th grade.   One day at a time now though.

I have also been married for 8 yrs.  Oct. 3rd was our anniversary.  I laugh and tell him he's lucky he's so good looking because otherwise he'd be history.  Not really true...but I feel that way about his family! OMG.  I cannot STAND his family. I stay as far away from them as I possible can.  There was a 'moment' last night at the soccer game (princess plays), where the TROLL of a sister-in-law stuck her huge sausage (and pregnant w/ #6) finger in my face.  It took ALL my willpower to walk away from her.  I think if I'd had a baseball bat...well...you get the drift.  Thank God it's soccer and not T-ball.  I'd be in jail asking all of you to come bail me out.

Yes...I have anger issues when it comes to Mr. Eye Candy's family.  They've sucked all the money from the farm (they have cattle and cherry orchards that all the boys work) for YEARS...having kid after kid after kid.  Mr. Eye Candy used to spend his 3 days off working FOR FREE at the Farm....until I finally started bitching.  I was 5 mo. pregnant w/ the Princess and the Troll of a sister-in-law said TO MY FACE...you guys need to get another job because the Farm can't support all of us. (this after Eric lost a job). OMG.  So you see where my bitterness creeps in every time I see her face.  I think it's a small miracle that I haven't wound up in jail already.  I'm such a passionate person.  God must have about a dozen angels guarding me from Myself!

I promise to post pics next time I blog.  I'm terrible! I have ONE, but haven't downloaded it to the computer yet.  EEK!  Just know I'm Happy with how I'm looking these days, and wearing MAKE UP too!  It's FUN to look in my closet now and think...I can get rid of THAT fat shirt now! YEAH!

I still struggle with finding food to eat...and sometimes it doesn't stay down for more than a few minutes, but I do love my RNY. 

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