A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, December 30, 2011

Update short and sweet

OK...so here is the short update.  FINALLY I've started losing again. Stood on the scales and it showed 158.3 today!!! SO HAPPY.  I was in such a stall! whew!  Good to know I'm still losing. Thought for a minute there that I was gonna be in the 160's forever. NOT that I'm complaining! I mean, HELLO!!!! I feel so great!!

Ok, so as far as great goes... I have to admit there is one complication.  I have had some dizzy spells. Not sure why.  When I stand up...WHEW! Faint...!  I feel like I'm going to faint.  I've contacted my surgeons office (they are sort of worthless).  I have a follow up appt on the 3rd. (next week).  I am trying to get all my vitamins in every day. Making SURE of that.  I mean wow...I don't want to be the one to be dropping the ball here.  Let them be the guilty party not me.

It feels like a blood pressure thing to me.  Not a vitamin lack of.  I'll keep you guys updated.

Christmas was great...just Mr. Eye Candy and the munchkins. I cooked LOTS of food (which I couldn't eat) and it's basically gone now. ha ha  Everyone had a great day.  Kids were spoiled rotten by us and Santa.  I swear...I need to DO LESS next year. I say that every year. God help me.  There are no Grandparents to spoil the kids, so we tend to do a bit much.  I can't help it.

Hope you all have a fantastic New Year!  More pics to follow! Took my 5 mo. shots and want to do a side by side from July to Dec.  Next issue! lol

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