A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, April 6, 2012

9 months Post op

Well here ya go...two pics...and then a side by side.
July 20, 2011:

Wearing a size 20 pants...and a 2x shirt. UGH!  Large people often ask ourselves..."HOW THE HELL did this happen!!???"  I'm here to tell you, it happens.  Kids...and then BOOM. You can't seem to take off the weight.  Depression sets in.  I could go on and on. 

Now, here is the 9 months AFTER photo:
Size 10 pants and a Med. top.  I feel AMAZING!  I am living again!!!  The bod is a bit saggy here and there...but ya know...it's OK.    I should have taken a shot of my ARMS! Oh boy..I got muscle baby!

Here is the Side By Side for you....9 months after this journey started.  I WILL NEVER GO BACK to that other picture.  I am on a road of smaller portions, healthy living, and FUN.  I spend more time w/ my kids OUTSIDE!  Get out there! Live!
Happy Easter everyone!


  1. You look fabulous!! Congratulations!!

  2. Way to go, Lana! You look amazing :)


  3. You look great!! Thanks for stopping by and reading my rant lol. My hubby's schedule is nice for the next 5 weeks only because he had to re-train so ask me again in 5 weeks..hopefully it's not too bad. Pushing through this little bump in the road :)