A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Confirmation Day and the DRESS

Ok. So I reallly wanted to wear that crochet confection by Jennifer Lopez...however!  I must let you know that I wore the BLUE print dress because the PRINCESS picked which one I should wear.  AND, just to let you all know.  You were right. LOL  Two people (my sister) and Tavisha told me it was a bit BIG and um....frumpy. LOL

Oh well!  I did feel comfortable though!  I was in blue  like the boys so it was OK.  This made picture taking great so the Princess was the one that SHOWN. 
Here are a couple pics to celebrate our little angel.

This is the Princess w/ her 16 yr old Sponser. Kaelyn.  She's awesome and we love her.

The whole group: Father Michael on the left, and Bishop Hebda on the Right
and the Princess front left. :)

A fun shot of Kaelyn and I.  Yes...the Princess chose the dress for me to wear...turns out she like the BLUE print one...sigh. It was HER day so OK. :)

Mr. Eye Candy's Dad. This was a big deal! Grandpa came!!!

The whole family!  My sister and her hubby of  20 years (they just celebrated this last week!) and their beautiful kids Julana (my name sake! and Austin).  With the Bishop.

So, after all that hoop la about the dress...whatever LOL.  I was comfortable and it was a beautiful day. 

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  1. Congrats! You have such a gift in that beautiful family of yours! :-)