A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, May 4, 2012

New Pics

Ok, so everyone loves new pics right? I spent the day (with a sore throat child yes...he says anyway) out shopping for a dress to wear to our Princess' confirmation tomorrow! I realized yesterday I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!! Holy poop, Batman!
Ok...so here is the play by play.  Tell me what  you think. Everyone has said Pic #1.

#1 a Cream colored crochet dress by Jennifer Lopez. $50 (on sale) eek.

 #2 is a blue/white rayon confection of silky loveliness!  I love it!  Has a beaded collar. $30 something

#3 is a white cotton $30 dress from TJ Maxx.  Very nice. Easy to wear, w/ lacy design.

You be the judge...but remember this...last summer I was wearing a size 2x or 3x top! So these are...drum roll please...MEDIUM's. Amen brother! Major non scale victory as they say!

Whichever I choose...I'll feel confident!


  1. Holy crap, Lana! You look amazing in all of these! The first one is super hot, but I also really like the third one and think you would get a lot more wear out of it. It's a perfect summer dress :)

  2. Sierra...you are of course my FASHIONISTA guru!!! THANK you. xoxo The vote is all on #1. I feel most comfortable in #2 however. LOL ahhhh. #3 is very sweet...feels like a younger dress than I'm used to! HEY...dress! Did I say DRESS??? I have not worn a dress in YEARS! I am so excited! Tomorrow is going to be awesome. xo

  3. Number 3 girl! You are rockin it! I really like the 2nd one too..partial to prints :) Plus you could use it during the summer! Thanks for stopping by my family blog..we are a kooky bunch lol. You always leave the sweetest comments :)

    Have fun at your daughter's confirmation!