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A happy me
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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Camp Nightmare

Dear Penny,

My daughter E attended your Explorer 1 camp that ran from this past Sunday, June 10th, through Tuesday, June 12th.

During her stay there she was tormented by several of the girls in her cabin.  BOBCAT.

When I arrived to pick her up Tuesday, she ran to me and immediately broke down sobbing.  Over the past 24 hrs she has told me several stories of how most of the girls ganged up on her when no one was looking and shoved her and pushed her over and over.  Her friend (M K) who went to camp with her, tried her best to stand up for E.  She also told me that E was not exaggerating about the way she was treated.  The counselors just did not SEE anything.  How are your girls trained? Are they prepped for this type of treatment?

I am bringing this to your attention because I don't think your counselors are paying enough attention to the 'quiet' girls.  There was no bonding that took place here.  Cliques were allowed to run wild.

I'm very discouraged and saddened that my daughter - who was SO EXCITED to come to your camp - was treated this way at your camp.

Part of me wants to ask for a refund.  NO child should go to camp and return home to their parents with this type of experience.

Needless to say, we will not be returning in the future to your camp.  I hope this will open your eyes to a problem that is occurring - and probably not just to my daughter.  Perhaps you could include BULLYING to your counselors list of things to deal with.  I was a counselor at a camp one summer and I KNOW we were taught to recognize the stronger girls and pair them with the quieter ones to help out.

I'm not trying to tell you how to do your job or how to run your camp.  I am just so very sad that my daughter was tormented there.  This is Christian behavior?  I'm disgusted.


Julana Schaub


  1. I hope you get a thoughtful response and apology. But, it's pretty rare these days for people to be accountable for things that happen on their watch. I'm sorry E has such a crappy time at camp. I've been there and know how it feels. I was never one to take crap, but it's hard to deal with it when you're so outnumbered. Even though it was horrible, it will cause her to be very empathetic when she sees any other kids being bullied. I know it did for me. In high school I became the protector for several of the quieter girls. People knew if they messed with them, they'd have to deal with me. It worked, but was sad it had to be that way.

    1. Thanks, Tav. I have not heard back yet. I will keep sending that email until SOMEONE listens.

  2. You could always meet me in the middle and send her to camp Aunt Leisha's house this Summer. I have only one bully, but Emma will hold her own here. Oh how I wish I could rub some of my smart rude mouth off on her. I sure would like to even the score for her. I am a big fan of that which you do to the least of my brothern you do unto me. My favorite type of pay it forward if you will.

    1. Leisha...you crack me up! I love you so much!! I wish you could rub off on her too! XO