A happy me

A happy me
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cow Shares and fun times

Well, the State of Michigan lets you participate in Cow Shares.  Basically it's a Co-op where you buy in to get raw milk.  The Princess and Little E went with me yesterday to meet the family who does this, and the "Girls".  Here is a fun pic of the "Girls".  The front one, #73 is called GRANDMA.  The BEST part was that the kids got to NAME A COW!!!  #5 has been officially christened "CUPCAKE". LOL The family loved it! We all got a good smile out of it!

We are now RAW MILK drinkers.  I love it.  No more homogenized or Ultra-Pasteurized milk for us!
The funny thing, is I am old enough to remember the silver box that sat out by our front door.  And once or twice a week the "Milk Man" would come and deliver our milk.  That silver box kept it cool for a couple hours in case we weren't home to get the delivery.  Pretty awesome memory.

I have to drive over an hour each week now to get our milk.  However, I priced it out, and I guess maybe I spent an extra $5-$10 a month on gas, but less on the milk.  We were buying Organic milk at almost $6 a gallon!  Now we get Raw Milk at $5 a gallon.  I don't think these two gallons are going to make it until Saturday though. LOL It tastes SO GOOD!  Even Little E loves it!

On a happy WEIGHT LOSS note, I've dropped down to 150.6 lbs.  I actually saw 149.2 for a DAY! HA HA HA  It's been 150.6 for 3 days though...I stopped snacking all day.  I eat as regular as I can - meaning I try to eat 3 meals a day.  Plus I'm working my butt of a few days a week helping Mr. Eye Candy with the business.  We laid 12 yards of mulch one day, and weed wacked a Swamp the next.  I had to wear "MAN WADERS" in there! lol Should have snapped a shot of that! FUNNY! Me in wading pants! HA HA Sweated like a pig out there in 86 degree weather. yuck.  That's the day I was 149.2  I think it may have something to do w/ the Pants. LOL

Have a great Sunday everyone, and a FANTASTIC WEEK!


  1. Yes, a picture of you in "Man Waders" holding a weed wacker should of been taken. LOL

  2. Lol! Love it..planning on getting my own brown swiss next year ...can't wait!

  3. Kimber...YEAH!!! Wish we had ROOM for a cow here on our 1/2 acre!!! Would love it!

  4. Just wondering how you got involved in the cow share? I also live in Mi and would love to know more about it...or if it's available in my area (central MI).

    On another note, my hubby just started his own logging business and I spent a couple weeks 'limbing' trees with him. I was sporting some pretty cute chaps and a nasty sweaty t-shirt. No makeup, hair in a hat, filthy dirty, and sweating like a man....I found myself gross, but my hubby was in love. That's the makings of a great marriage :) So I loved your comment about the man waders....lol....I'm your newest follower!

    1. We'll have to both post pics soon, Nicole! HA HA Me in my Man Waders...and you in your chaps! Haha It's real love I tell ya when we go out there working with our men!