A happy me

A happy me
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer fun and Heartache thrown in

I have so much on my mind right now...I don't know where to start!  There have been some amazing days this summer!  I mean...great stuff!  I'll post those pics for you...and leave the heavy stuff for last so  you can skip it if you want!
Here is what we've been up to the past week or so!

That is Little E being a goof ball!  He lovessssss to pose for the camera!  We were on an outing to the Library w/ some friends!  A SOLAR system thingie!  It was ok. Ehhh.  This is the kids w/ friends doing the 'crater on the moon' try out.  (drop a stone into cocoa and flour) Sorta cool actually.

Then of course it was HOT...so we went to the Children's Museum (which is sort of geared for younger kids but they had fun anyway!)

AND then...last night we hung out w/ friends at their beach...fun stuff!

yeah...pretty cool.  Little E does NOT like getting wet in the water...So Donno took him for a ride in the little dingy.  (Bentley the dog wishing he could go too).

Anyway...it was a great few days.  HOTTER than all get out though. Glad I didn't have to bake in the oven this week! whew!!!

To make matters so sweet...I am actually baking TONIGHT...425 degrees in the oven...cooking on the stove (so Mr. Eye Candy can have a good dinner after working all day!) WINDOW UNIT AIR CONDITIONER...dies.  DIES.  I am freaking out. LOL  Thank you God that the weather has taken a turn for the COOLER! ha ha ha  I was able to finish making my bread for the weekend and cook dinner.  Opening windows is much better anyway.  The discouraging  thing is that it seems like whenever I try to get ahead financially...and just when I think we're above the water level of drowning...something like this happens.  A $300 or $400 hiccup.  I cannot stand this little house HOT.  I need a window unit.  I am fighting within myself right now whether to go the summer w/o one...and just suck it up!  I know in my heart it's not going to happen.  I will have to buy a new one.  OH the expense!!!!  I want to cry right now just thinking about it.

I wonder what God wants me to do?  I am trying so very hard to be frugal...to be good to my family and pinch pennies wherever I can.

On a very sad note, I have realized that a "friend" is sort of a pathological liar.  It is too many things that just don't add up over the years.  Little things at first, and then more and more that just don't fit when pushed.  It breaks my heart when I find that I have trusted someone for so long only to be 'used'.  I am not a fool or stupid.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt until the cards stack up against you.  I am just feeling let down and sad tonight.  Not angry really...just sad.  Sad that I know I am right.  I have been trying to pretend to myself that this person was OK.   That everything that was piling up was just a coincidence.   Now though I find my 'suspicions' are true.  Confronting them is not really an option, as all of this has come to light under small confrontations anyway.  "Fool me once...Shame on you.  Fool me twice...Shame on me."  Isn't that how the old saying goes?

So, my heart is sad tonight because I need to spend $$ I don't want to spend...and a friend has burned my trust.  Once you've burned my trust...there is really no going back.  I can still be 'friends' but I will never trust them again.

I am hoping for a better weekend with the Road Side Stand.  Please, God...I need you now.


  1. Aside from the AC and friend issue, it sounds like you are having a great summer. I love the picures - there is nothing better than seeing your children having fun. As for the friend, I hope you won't let it get you down too much. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such an awesome comment!

  2. Tony, thanks for checking out our lives. :) Simple as it is. I won't let the friend get me down. It's just sad to me that so many people have no integrity anymore. I want my children to have it...so do my best to live a life that I can be proud of. Good job on the garden for your Dad. Such a simple thing...yet it will bring him so much joy.

  3. Hi Lana!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my crazy post about being proud of the woman I am lol. I wasn't sure how people would take it but I figured I'd rather lose all those super "religious" people (aka modern day pharisees), and just have REAL people.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I'm a new follower :-)