A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ramblings w/ some ideas thrown in

It's been almost a year since my surgery.  I cannot believe it!  Where did the time go? It FLEW!  I promise to get a decent shot of myself for you guys, but for now this one will have to do. :)  I am just thrilled that I am sitting on a swing!  My butt in a swing? Wow.  AND a sun dress? Life is darn good let me tell ya! 

It's sort of grainy, but it was taken in the evening just before the fireworks started.  I still look at myself and see all the flaws! What is that all about? I'm not saying I'm unhappy w/ my results!  I'm just saying things sag. LOL

Our road side stand has been hoppin'!  We've been selling cherries and holy cow the tourists have been buying them up as fast as we can pick them!  I think this will be the last weekend for them though. Mr. Eye Candy has had to climb up on the ladder to pick these last couple times.  He's been a trooper!  It's been sooooo hot here!  I know not as hot as those of you in the south, but man...I don't do weather over 82 degrees.  It's just HOT.  We're supposed to get some rain today and a reprieve from the heat. Amen to that!

Next weekend will be Little E's birthday.  My little man is going to be 7 years old.  When did he get so tall?  Here's a cute pic of him w/ Mr. Eye Candy.

My two good lookin' guys. :)

I've been scouring the internet for lots of canning recipes.  This year I am determined to can as much of our garden as possible!  We only have this 1/2 acre, but Mr. Eye Candy sure planted a lot of stuff out there! :)  Here is a fun picture of an idea he had for our pole beans. :) Use what you have!

Just some old fence and some metal poles. :)  Pretty cool!  They are really growing now too! I'm excited because I LOVE LOVE LOVE green beans. ha ha  Mr. Eye Candy not so much...however!!! I did cook them up pretty special for him the other day and he Liked it! Look at this:

WRAPPED IN BACON!!! Oh yeah. THAT was good!!  The other stuff on the plate is loaded Brats.  (no buns as we don't do much bread here and I forgot to buy buns! duh!)

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!  My little sister Josie turned 42 on the 3rd. :) She is a hoot and remembers to tell me I'm sooo much older. LOL

All in all life is pretty good here.  I've been saving all the $$ from the Stand so we can take Little E to the Great Wolf Lodge for his birthday weekend. :)  We've never been. It's sorta fancy for us. LOL  I've saved up enough to do it though!!! (plus we're getting a deal because we know someone who works there!).  I cannot see spending $300-$400 a night at a place like that! CRAZY!  I look at that as throwing $ away.   I am a tight wad I guess.  No ... wait... I'm poor! OH yeah! HA HA HA  No, I like to think of it as FRUGAL. Yup. That's me. Frugal Franny!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Next weekend will be SO busy for me!  Little E's birthday at the lodge, AND Marrying my dear friend Beverly to her soulmate Erik. :)  Yup...Rev. Lana at  your service!  I am so nervous about it...and know I will just break down and cry and ruin it for them! AHHHHHHH

Later people!


  1. Awesome swing pic and you look GREAT!! Oh I wish i could can :( I've always wanted to. Oh and grow a garden. We tried zucchini and it was great but then it lasted only a month. I need to buy a good book to teach me lol

    1. Marisa, I never knew how to can either! My mother and grandmother did...but I never learned until about 4 years ago! EASY!! It's a lot of work at times if you have a big batch, but WORTH IT!!! I love it. I feel so close to my Mother and my Grandmother when I'm doing things in the kitchen! I was so afraid to try...now I'm so glad I did! I WILL teach my kids to do this. LOL

  2. Awesome swing picture! And congrats on saving enough to splurge on a bday weekend, sounds like FUN!