A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Moving on - Be Better!

I refuse to fall into the trap others set for me.

I will not continue a text war.  No one wins.

It only demoralizes you and both parties lose.

I will, however, block phone numbers to END the verbal abuse.

To the people that think they are being helpful in keeping the war between myself and
NoName going...Thanks so much.  After another attack via texting last night, I am very aware there are nasty people in this world that live to hurt others.

My heart was in the right place.  I only have to answer to GOD...not you.

I am an honest person, and do nothing out of spite.  If I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong.

I want to live by this code so my children have a better example in life than what they see in the school system.

Do I think I'm better than anyone else? No.  Do I think I can be a better example to my children by homeschooling them and keeping them safe from the evils and hatred out there? Yes.  This texting drama over the past week has PROVEN that to me.

It breaks my heart that grown adults cannot find a solution to a broken toy problem.  Instead, I was called names, slandered, and made to feel like a doormat.  The verbal abuse was so astounding to me, I am still shocked!  A grown woman!  How can you treat another human being like that and still say you're a christian w/ love in your heart for God?

If teen agers are subjected to that type of cruelty in school, online, and via texting...my heart breaks for you!!!!  You do NOT have to take it.  Sometimes, you just have to walk away.

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  1. Good for you, Jules. It's just not worth it in terms of losing your peace over people who are mean, or who are so lacking in introspection that they are unable to see themselves and their behavior in reality.

    Hug your kids and be grateful that you're able to be home with them, nurturing them and teaching them how to be good people.

    And keep being yourself. Water seeks its own level, and it's obvious that your water is just a little bit too deep for those shallow folks. When faced with people like us (you know, honest people who don't just put up and shut up) those types can interpret the situation in one of two ways: they can acknowledge their own petty ways ... or, the other (and most often chosen) option ... they blame others. It's just what they do, girl. Don't feel bad. You know who you are, as do those how know and love you.