A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mammogram - now to biopsy

Ok, today will be short and sweet.  I had my second mammogram. They wanted a second one done because they didn't have anything to compare the first one to. 

So, I go in, have the second mam on just one side....then they call me back in and take me down to another room for an ultrasound. I started saying .....hmmmmmm...at this point.

Then, the doctor comes in, and does the ultrasound AGAIN, and they show me what they are looking at. A small spot. Maybe as big as the top of my little finger.  So, now they want a biopsy.  They had an opening tomorrow, so I'm going back in tomorrow.  I'm a little freaked out. I won't lie.  My mother died of cancer, and two of my cousins have had cancer.

Anyway....the results from the biopsy won't be back until monday or tues, although the nurse at my general practitioners office told me to call them on friday just in case!

Worst case scenario....I have to have a non-cancerous small mass removed. Second bad case....have a cancerous mass removed and maybe additional treatment after that.  BEST case? Just keep an eye on it for the next two years. ha! Yeah. Like that one.

Will keep all of you in the loop.

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