A happy me

A happy me
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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Day Five - seeing light

Ok, so it's day 5.  I am finally starting to think maybe...just maybe there is a light at the end of this big wide tunnel. ha  Yesterday was a lesson in humility to say the least!  I have ranted a bit at my Mr. Eyecandy because he LEFT me alone.  He is humbled and attentive and has not left my side since taking me to the hospital.  Swear it is so.

Having to go to the Hospital was a NO FUN experience. Yuck and double yuck!  It took them over an hour to get me into a room and on my way to an IV into my arm w/ fluids and pain meds rushing their way to a more comfortable ME.   Let's just say...NO ONE told me that the nausea was going to (or could be) THAT BAD!!!! wow.  It was horrendous.  You know how you get when you have the Flu? It's soooooo bad, and yet you are trying soooo hard not to throw up ? Well yup...that was me yesterday for about 5 hours.  The nausea actually started the day before (friday), but I just thought it was because I was having a rough time getting in water.  Nope.  I was having a reaction to the pain medication. Turns out, you're supposed to EAT when you take this pain med! LOL wow...go figure!  I can't EAT, I can only SIP liquids.  So, here come the nausea.  Just wish the surgeons office would have warned me about it.  AND, after the nausea set in...you guessed it, so did the PAIN.  Oh yeah. Felt like I'd been hit by a truck. No lie.

Also, I truly think they sent me home a day too soon.  Sure, I felt good, but darn it! I was on nausea meds at the hospital!!! You'd THINK they'd send me home with some! wow...DUH.  Can we say DUH?

I have my follow-up appointment on wednesday, where they take out my drainage tube...and you guessed it...Lana is gonna get a little vocal.  I will tell them they sort of dropped the ball and forgot to mention that I could have NAUSEA at HOME too! wow.  I keep saying WOW because after ALL the surgeries that this team does.....you'd THINK they'd have a handle on it.

Sure they check in on you the two days your in the hospital.  After that...you're on your own until the follow up date.

Thank GOD for ER nurses!  The one we had was a gem.  He sure made it a point to check in on us every few minutes.  The guy gets 5 stars!  He had a rough time getting in my IV and had to reuse the spot in my right arm that I had the old IV in from surgery.  I have to give him a lot of credit, I'd been crying non-stop for about 45 minutes by the time he could administer the meds.  He never flinched at my tears...just kept telling me it was going to be OK.  I think we should adopt him.

After the 'scare' was over, and the meds were doing their trick...it was off to the pharmacy to get the GOODS.  Nausea meds!!!  I actually slept the entire time Eric was driving around. He even bought lunch at BK and I slept through all of it. LOL

Now, it's Day 5.  I'm on the mend.  Not feeling like walking or moving much today though.  I took a two hour nap. Yeah...that was good.  I take my meds every 4 hrs like a good little girl.  I hope to wean off of them in the next couple days, at least set the times farther apart on when I take them. 

We plan on going to get the kids from my sisters house on Wednesday!!! yeah!!! We spoke to them today, and Ethan says he wants to come home....just not right now! LOL They are having a great time!  I'm grateful from the bottom of my heart that my sister and her hubby and kids stepped up to help me on this one.  I have not worried ONE MINUTE about the kids.  I know they are safe, happy, and loved.

But for all you wls folks out there...waiting for your surgery dates...waiting to get on that losers bench...I have ONE thing to tell you....MAKE THEM prescribe NAUSEA meds BEFORE you leave the hospital!!!!  You Do Not want to end up in the ER like I did. No fun at all. TAKE YOUR MEDS!!!!! ok..enough on that. LOL

I'm off to eat another popsicle. :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by! Nausea SUCKS. I mean it is EVIL. Glad you are going to kick it's butt! Looking forward to reading about your journey.

  2. marisa, I love your blog too! Good stuff!