A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day Four and Counting

Ugh. Is about all I can say about these past few days. Ouch, Ugh, and holy Crap.  When they tell you that you're gonna feel like you've been hit by a bus.....they aren't kiddin'!  BUT, I wish they'd give you something for the nausea.  No one mentioned I'd be sick to my stomach every time I had to take my meds.  It's making me more grumpy than usual.  My back hurts, but it's hotter than a hooker in vegas even with the air conditioners running in the windows...so to put the heating pad on is sort of like creating a sauna in your own living room! Bonus.  They tell you you're going to have gas pains, but they don't tell you for how long! wow.  I just keep trying to walk...but that doesn't always help either.
So I'll take Maxine's advice and do a little Fart Can Do exercising.

Well, my wonderful sister-in-law is coming to help take care of me some time today....she's a saint for putting up with me! I say that before she gets here! lol  I just know what I feel like sitting here in the middle of the night in my recliner.  A beached whale, with my baggy pants half on.
Hey...and the fact that it hurts to wear a bra...look out brother-in-law...cover your eyes dude.

I've been sort of creative in my words as of yesterday and this morning.  Eric took off all this time from work to stay home and help me...um...so he says. But guess what? Where is he (except for THE DAY OF SURGERY)????  At the FARM doing cherries for THEM. Yes. THEM.  If you know anything about my relationship over the years w/ his family....I sort of consider THEM the enemy, and this particular episode in the chronicles of the 'schaubs' proves that I am right.  He should be here with me, as I have difficulty getting up out of this chair without pain, but NO...he's out THERE with THEM doing cherries this morning.  And where has he been the past two days??? You guessed it. With THEM.  I honestly am trying not to be a bitter wifey.  Afterall, Eric is the one that told me NOT to reschedule this surgery (even though I mentioned several times it was during cherry season)...he kept telling me it would be OK.  Wow.  And I actually believed him.  After 9 years I finally get it.  THEY are like a black hole.  He cannot escape THEM.  He cannot run from THEM.  THEY always win somehow.  Yes, I am sitting here feeling sorry for myself. I hurt! I'm sore!  I want my man at my side holding my hand or just watching TV...just knowing he is HERE.  Instead I'm all alone, out here in the boonies. Cannot drive anywhere (they tell you not to on this medication) for at least a week.  So I say, THANK GOD my sister-in-law is coming today to save the day.  God does work in mysterious ways!!!  I was feeling all sorry for myself, and in comes that call from her.  Asking if I wanted her to come take care of me.  Oh bless you dear sister-in-law. 

And speaking of the medication, if I can stop taking it I am going to...it makes me so sick to my stomach! yuck.  I'm going to see how long I can survive without it.  Obviously I'm a tough girl. HA  HA  I haven't made it this far in life without being tough and probably a little bit annoying! ha ha ha

As for THEM. I will never win where THEY are involved.  I've won very small battles over the years, but it takes too much energy to fight against THEM.  I should have known better than to schedule this surgery during cherry season.  Ah well.  Another lesson learned.

So here's to day 4.  Lets see how far I can make it today without crying.  I gotta dig deep and find that tough girl today!


  1. Well, even after typing this blog, I still wound up going to ER for 5 hrs yesterday (july 23). Nausea and Pain won out.

  2. Oh my!! Can't they give you an RX for nausea? I know they do for Lap Bander's that has a lot of nausea, because they don't want us Vomiting since it could slip the Band, especially until it is healed firmly in place.

    As for the Gas pains, luckily I didn't experience them....but then, I was lucky and didn't have a roommate in the Hospital, and I didn't hold anything in (if you get the drift???). I just felt sorry for the poor Nurses!! But they just laughed it off and said, better out than in! So I left the Hospital gas pain free!!

    And my hubby made sure that I stayed on my pain meds once out of the Hospital. He kept me on them for the full week, and I was given an RX that was 4x's my normal Vicoden RX....

    I had to stay overnight in the Hospital, because I have both Obstructive Sleep Apnea as well as Central Sleep Apnea (where the Brain periodically doesn't send the signal to breath).

    They were afraid that with the extra heavy drugs they were giving me in the Hospital, I may not take a breath and (gasp), die!!

    But my Hospital was fantastic and they weren't afraid to give drugs to me, but they had to administer them, I wasn't on a pump. I think that the pumps are used more with the GB Patients, as they usually have more pain.

    Lap Bander's are normally sent home the same day as Surgery...except for extra special (or strange) patients like me!! LOL

    I hope that you feel better soon!!

  3. Deb, I did get two RX for nausea! YEAH!!! and now that I'm home am doing well on both of them. I piggy back them. I am supposed to take them every 8 hrs., but the nurse said to take one every 8 hrs, and 4 hrs later take the other one. THIS is working great for me! I feel alive again! The pain is like getting hit by a truck. LOL I am dealing w/ the gas pains now too....wasn't able to 'get anything out' when I was in the hospital...but now that I'm home and can be alone once in awhile! LOL It's much better. Thanks again for following my blog. I do love yours! Aloha!