A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, July 22, 2011

On The Other Side

First off, I have to post a pic...of me just before they wheeled me off for surgery.....this is where I tell you..."Everything is Better With Blue Bonnet On It"   LOL

Well, here I am...day three after gastric bypass surgery.  The first day wasn't so bad after they got the pain under control in the recovery room.  Very nice nurses there.  I only remember one face though. ha

Once to my room, things were fine.  I dozed off and on most of the day, but never really slept soundly.  I finally sent Eric home around 6pm after I'd had my first short walk down the halls.  He was exhausted to say the least.  Poor guy has been getting up early to go shake cherries in the orchards, coming home to grab lunch and then back out to do lawn care on his own until 8pm at night.  So, it was only fair I sent him home to get some sleep.  The kids are with my sister so he wouldn't be disturbed. (although they are missed ... have never been away from them like this before).

Night number one....can be called "nightmare".  My roommate was an older woman in her 60's, who insisted on having her TV on ALL night.  She was asked if she'd like to have it turned down and she said NO.  Well, the drugs I was being given kept me from sleeping, along w/ her loud tv...lets just say it was a long long night.  I was loopy, and edgy because I could not sleep.  By 3am, the night nurse just simply turned off the roomie's TV as she was snoring the night away anyway and would not even notice.  I tried on several occasions to be nice to this roommate, but it seemed she felt the world was to revolve around her. Ok.  The shows she chose to watch were repeats every 3 or 4 hrs...the same 'storage' ngihtmare shows over and over and over.  It was awful. Then she picked one about inmates and guards. Help me!!! ha haha

Second day, things were OK as far as pain management was going...until the nurse said we had to wean me off of the pump.  I had been able to self medicate up to this point.  It became very clear to me with about 4 hrs that I was not going to like the new drug regime.  After the first 4 hrs, I was really ready for some pain meds!  She made me wait the whole 4 hrs.  At this time I got a nice surprise and saw my new friend Sue. She'd come to check in on me.  We had a very nice visit for at least an hour or more.  When she left I was beginning to feel the pain of no drugs.  I asked my nurse if I could have some gasx and was refused.  I needed pain meds, but was told it was too early.  When she finally came to my bedside, I was sitting on the edge rocking back and forth in pain.  Add up a night w/ no sleep, coming off a narcotic drug, and not being given meds to keep the pain in check..yeah...you can see where this is going.  I sort of had a melt down.  The tears started just rolling down my face.  My nurse went and brought back the Charge Nurse who wondered if I was crashing from the drugs, I told her it was a simple meltdown after 24 hrs of no real sleep, a crappy roommate and no pain held in check. I had not been told that I would not shave to experience this sort of pain.  I had been led to believe my pain would be managed.  The Charge Nurse immediately got me medication to handle my pain and get it back under control.

I kept telling them I knew how hard they work, and was so grateful to them for going the extra mile for me.  I honestly believe I have been a model patient doing what I need to be doing.  I'd even been up twice that day walking on my own without waiting for assistance.  I am very independent, but when it comes to pain, I'm not afraid to ask for the meds....and when I did I was refused.  That is my one issue here.

So, not only did the Charge Nurse get me pain meds and my pain under control, she also moved me down the hall....to another room!!!! Thank the Lord!  I was able to rest for at least 4 or 5 hours without anyone in my room.  Lovely.  My new roommate is a dear little old lady who is just as sweet as any grandma should be.  I'll take her home in a minute.

I have been able to actually sleep! yes!  Not a lot, but I think I managed 3 hours at once.  I've been up walking now 3 times and it's 4:30am.  They keep telling me that I am going to have gas pains....I feel them, but nothing is happening. (I know you want to know that!).

As for now, it's day 3.  Or the morning of day 3.  My tummy is very swollen, and feels like it's being stretched out.  I have a wonderful 'binder' I get to wear that holds me in.  Very nice.  They are giving me meds every 2 to 2 1/2 hrs now. This helps maintain my pain status at a 1 or 2, and helps me keep on walking.

Eric is working again today...and yesterday I told him not to come visit...by the time he was able to get home, I was just coming out of my crisis, and didn't want him to see me like that.  Poor guy had worked outside in this awful humidity anyway!  So, at some point today I will get released to go home!!! yes!!!  I will call Eric and he will come get me.  For now, I will maintain my pain free zone, and keep walking!

They've taken me off the IV (although it's still in my arm for now).  This means I will have to start sipping liquids today.

Anyway, I'm fine everyone....but thought an update would be in order.  One day at a time!



  1. Jules, so glad you're doing so well. I never doubted that you would, though. I'm glad you stood up for yourself and got what you needed from the nurses. I had a similar experience when I had my gallbladder out and it wasn't fun. I'm so happy that you're over the hump and through the worst of it. Rest and keep the updates coming. :-)

  2. You're right, Tav...lol, I was trying so hard to keep them all happy and forgot that I needed them to keep me pain free! ha ha!!! All is well now! Hopefully I can go home today at some point.

  3. So glad you made it through and are on the mend!

  4. hugs hun!! Glad you got what you needed! I have one of those lovely binders from when I had my ectopic pregnancy (which they tried to kill me, but that is besides the point) it was a wonder!

  5. marti...yes! I don't think I'd be moving at all w/o the darn thing! thanks for keeping up w/ my crazyness! hugs back!