A happy me

A happy me
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's been 4 weeks!!!

Well, nothing exciting to report on the fact that it's been 4 weeks since surgery.  I have less pain on my right side - which is GREAT!  They had told me I could go back to work after 3 wks, but umm....NO.  I plan on going back next week for 2 days.  That would be the WEED WACKER job. lol  Poor Mr. Eye Candy has been  doing all the work by himself for the past month or more.

I've also been working these past few days on getting our house Decluttered.  I swear...those kids have more toys than they play with.  I've been slowly unburdening them. lol They don't even know it!  I take all my stuff to my awesome friend Louann. She has a consignment shop for kids in Ludington, MI. ABC Kidz.  Awesome store!!!  I took all my 'fat girl' clothes to my other awesome friend Natalie! She has a women's (yes some guy stuff too) consignment store in Ludington too! The Cedar Chest. Bonus! Kids and ME ha ha ha.  I can't wait to shop in both of them next month!!  Once kids are back in school, I'll be making my trip down there.

Anyway, we have our house for sale, and I want to do the whole "less is more" thing in here.  We got rid of our couch...yes we did. Our tiny house just didn't look right with a big old couch in it.  The dining room, kitchen, and living room are all one big open space here.  Cute for a 'cottage', but NOT too great for comfortable living.  So, I'm down sizing!  (and not just in my clothes!)  We are putting several things in our storage unit for now.  The dream is to buy a fantastic property about 5 miles away that has a barn, and other out buildings, AND 10 acres!!!  Wow...we could have our own pig to raise, AND a cow!  It's a struggle as we are trying so hard to sell this place but no bites yet. (ok ok ok, God, I know you have a plan).  Patience and me are not on good terms.

So there it is...nothing exciting.  I'm still eating soft foods... ate some shrimp yesterday! WOW that tasted good.  I also had some egg salad...yummy.  I tried some baked eggplant, but um...did not stay down.  I think it was the fact that I put black olives on it.  New tummy was NOT happy. That HURT.

Well, off to start the day! Tons to do today! Later Gator's!


  1. It sounds like you're making great progress in all the areas of your life.

    Your house will be JUST PERFECT for someone! It WILL sell at the right time!

    Living in LIMBO is hard!

  2. hey you got your St. Joseph Statue? Your are suppose to bury him in your back yard and pray to him to help sell your house. Then when it sells you take him with you to your new house (so ya don't forget where you buried him) Funny but Joe and I are looking for almost the exact same property around here and it has taken us over 1.5 years and still having found the perfect place. So annoying.

  3. Marti...so funny you mention the statue! I was just thinking of that yesterday!!! Do I need to have Father come bless it?? and where do I get one? LOL Hey, you guys need to move back here! lol I sure hope you find something there that you want. The place we want would not let us "VIEW" their property as their guidelines are that new buyers don't have a house for sale!!! Frustrating.