A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

BYOC day: A few things about me

Ok...so Bring Your Own Crazy day is here. (or was that yesterday? lol I think it was! oopss!)

One of the blogs I follow "It's Just Me Drazil & Sheniqua" started a tag.  So, here I go.

1. How much makeup do you wear daily, how long does it take you and are you loyal to certain brands?

I do not wear make-up everyday.  If I have to go to town (yes I live out in the country), I will probably put on some eye make-up.  I like the stuff from Southern Magnolias (ebay). AWESOME! Oh, and a few things from Mary Kaye. She has the BEST lipstick hands down.

2. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them (or even if there is one) and you try to describe this person in 5 words/short sentences.

Your oldest paternal aunt

Soon to be 80
Animal lover
Great Hugger
My favorite

3. Tell me about your first real kiss and how old you were.

First real kiss...oh wow...it was the BEST.  He was younger than me, and we actually wound up dating for over  2 years.  I was 17.  We stood outside his door (we had been on a double date), and he held my hands and kissed me.  It was EVERYTHING they say it was going to be.  Perfect.  But then, remember, I'd never been kissed before! ha ha

4. If I gave you $1000.00 and told you that you had to give it to a charity – which charity would you choose and why?

We have a local Animal Rescue I would be proud to give the  $ to.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Well, I've been pretty busy in the house as we've put it up for sale...no bites.  So, we started DOWN SIZING.  We rented a storage unit, and have been putting some of our bigger items in there, along with some of the kids toys (they won't miss them).  Now just to convince Mr. Eye Candy to put his Deer Head trophy thingie in there.  As for Blogland, not much!  I like to write, but for some reason I've been in a funk.  Totally stressed about about the new school year that is fast approaching...so much stress that I'm actually having NIGHTMARES! (and no I'm not in school...I'm talking about the kids school!)

There you have it.  A few things about me. :)

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