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A happy me
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leftovers? Let's make SOUP

Well, I bought some Porkribs on sale the other day and cooked them allllllllll day in the crock pot w/ just water and a package of onion soup mix. OH YEAH they were great!  I also made my fennel hot veggie dish to go with it. Perfect.  However, I had a lot of left over pork...so, today I made soup! Of course I knew when I bought the porkribs that there would be leftovers, so I planned ahead and purchased some cabbage, carrots, and celery too while I was at the store.

Oh my it turned out sooooo good!  I filled my huge pot 1/4 of the way w/ water, and chopped the carrots and started them into the boil first. (they take longer to cook through)

In large pot:
fill 1/4 (or more) way w/ water - turn on high heat and bring to boil
While waiting for water to boil add in:
chopped carrots, celery, onion, garlic, cabbage (whole head)
Add in:  2 tbsp Ham Soup Starter (or if you have chicken stock you can add that instead but you may need to add more salt)
Let simmer until cooked
Add in left over meats and juices if you have them (I just left all in the crock pot and dumped it into the pot)

Pepper, basil, sprinkle of celery seed or dill weed adds flavor too! I added all. :)

AWESOME flavor!! EASY to make.  Took maybe 20 min. to chop everything up and get it boiling.


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  1. Thurs seems to be our family soup night..i put all the left overs from Mon, Tues and Wed in a pot...add broth and spices..and have a yummy pot of soup!! no leftovers!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.