A happy me

A happy me
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Double Finger Post

Ok...not to offend anyone, but this is my DOUBLE FINGER TO THE WORLD post.  Put your blinders on OR...hitch up your big girl pants and read on:

Ok.  Mr. Eye Candy and I have learned to be frugal.  When I say that...I mean, we do not live w/o TV or cell phones, or INTERNET (heaven help me I'd go crazy).....However, we DO buy from second hand stores for our clothing and other things.  (thank you my dear dear friends Louann and Natalie for owning such amazing stores I can shop in!!!! You're blessings).

I never buy anything unless it's on sale or I (hopefully) have a coupon!  I have learned to buy in bulk when I have coupons!!!  It works.  However, I still don't buy it unless I have the $$ to do so.

Mr. Eye Candy works two jobs.  He works full time as a Security officer at a casino....AND THEN, he works our Lawn Care business.  Winter is a slow season for us...but summers....busy.  Or can be.  We work together, he and I.  A team.  I like it.  I love it, actually.  We work well together, and I like to think of myself as the Boss. (ha ha).  He is really the boss as he's the guy w/ all the experience!  The man has done lawn care since he was a teen...and um...he's 38 yrs old...(sorry honey!).

OK...so here's the deal.  We've been trying to sell our little house.  Turns out....EVEN IF WE SOLD IT...we'd never be eligible for another loan from a bank. Even though we owe less than $8400 in debt, and our credit scores are 798 and 783.  Hello.  We made $36k last year... but according to a bank we are PAUPERS. ha ha ha ha Yes...that is me laughing out loud.  Why? Because the 8 years before that we only made $20k!!! HA HA HA  We were ROLLING in it last year.  I paid bills every month ON TIME!!!!! It was freaky!  It was no steal from peter to pay paul routine AT ALL.  Wow. 

So...turns out...I'm "Frugal Franny"!!!  Learning to can my own food and grow a garden...shop at thrift stores and pinch a penny, is the best thing I've ever done for my family.  So, Banks?...I'm poor? NO I'M NOT.  I'm richer today than I've EVER been in my life!!!  I've got a healthy family that refuses to eat GMO's and get vaccinated with poison.  

This is my double finger to the world post....I WILL SURVIVE and I WILL eat well...teach my children the fine art of squeezing the life out of a dollar! :)  Me, Poor? HELL NO.


  1. Amen to that! Ronald and I are also paupers. I guess it runs in the family. As for everyone else in the world enjoy my birds as well. I fly them proudly!

  2. we live frugal too (all though I think I have become lax in the last couple of years) We try to buy healthy and our damn food bill is so high. It is getting so frustrating. I am suppose to be getting some chickens from my SIL I though it was maybe this month I need to get with her. I asked for 10 but she said that was too many for us. Plus we really want 10 acres so we can do some other animals and know what they eat and such.

    I am sorry you guys have a problem getting a loan, our problem is not finding the right place but I will not give up just yet.