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A happy me
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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The inner struggle re: Home School or Not

A lot of my friends won't read this post...that is ok.  I am writing it for me really.  I've been debating on whether to home school our kids (Princess 8 yrs old and Little E almost 7).  The Princess does ok in 2nd Grade now that we've moved her to a Montessori school.  She has really come out of her shell this year in making new friends.  However, she still has days and days (more than I'd like to count) where she cries about going to school.  She'd rather not go.  I've been telling myself...hey, self...what kid WANTS to go to school?

As for Little E, (he's in Kindergarten and we held him back until he was 6 to start it), he struggles more than I'd like to EVER see!  I've been told by the teachers that his emotional outbursts and anger issues need to be addressed by perhaps a PSYCHOLOGIST!  I wasn't offended by them saying this, just saddened.  He cries every day. EVERY day.  Sometimes he cries several times a day.  He tells me he wants to stay home. He hates school.  We don't use the word "hate" in our house, so when he uses it to tell me about how he feels about school...well, I know it's bad.  I ask him every day, "Hey, Bud, how was your day?", He replies almost daily, "It was a bad day, Momma.  I crieded 2 times." (yes he says crieded).  I ask him what made him cry etc, and it's usually something to do with the work he is pushed to learn.  I hate the idea of 'holding him back' another year! So then I read this great blog!  I'm adding the link here (copy and past):

This is a great blog entry, and I've spent the entire morning reading several of her posts!  I am honestly considering Home School now without the fear I've had before!  After all, don't we want what is BEST for our children?  Why is it, that today's IDEA of school is formal learning?  My children are not flourishing in this 'formal' environment.  I dread dropping them off (although I won't let them see it) as much as they do.  I put my chipper face on and tell them to have a great day, to learn, be kind, etc.  Only to return hours later to collect them and hear how they struggled yet another day in the pits of hell. 

Mr. Eye Candy is not 100% on board with this Home School idea, although I think and believe he is very open to it.  We have several families in our area that do this with their children.  One of the mother's that home schools her children is a woman he went to school with.  He's actually talked to her about it!  So, this leads me to believe he has faith in ME, his wife, that maybe I can do this! 

Just like when I started researching for my weight loss surgery, I am spending hours on the internet researching Home Schooling.  I never go into this type of decision blindly.  I'm not perfect...even in my wls journey!  I'm not a perfect wife, or mother, but I love my children.  Who better to teach them than Mr. Eye Candy and myself?


  1. I KNOW you can do it! If you feel like this is what God is leading you towards and it will be better for your kids, go for it. God will give you the ability and there is so much help out there. I suggest a homeschool convention in your area. It is like a shot in the arm to see so many other families who have made the same choice and hear speakers who encourage you. (Except, promise that you will just look at and not buy all the pretty curiculum for sale). I am so thankful for the time our family spends together and with the animals and garden and church and friends that you have, your kids are already advanced! READ READ READ together. We use Heart of Dakota curiculum (heard about it from Anne Robinson, she uses it too) You can teach multiple ages with one book. I'd be happy to talk to you anytime!!

  2. Hi Lana,
    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog post. We homeschool our 4 littles and love it. Homeschooling has been such a blessing to our family. Praying that you and your hubby will agree on the method of education that will work for your family. Blessings!

  3. We are toying with the idea for our 11 yr old. He has high functioning autism and is in a regular classroom with an aide. I have had to advocate hard for him and we are pushing for fading his aide so he can be as dependent as he can for middle school eventually.

    Kids are cruel. Period. Sometimes their peers are NOT the best role models and it's my job to surround him with ones that are. Especially because kids on the spectrum have social difficulties.

    When I get into something I research hard as well. My dream is to work with kids like my son but I think my job is to be here at home with them for now :)

    Keep researching. Keep reading. Keep talking to people who have done it. We would go through either a charter school or the K-8 online school. I'm in CA. I'm nervous about potentially homeschooling him but what our son needs to learn in life is different than what they are focusing on in school.

    I think it's awesome of you to look into it and do what's best for your family and son.