A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, June 1, 2012

And....We're OPEN

Ok...so here's the latest in the HALF ACRE FARM Road Side Stand!  Got my OPEN sign! Mr. Eye Candy has figured out an ingenious way to place that baby in optimal viewing!  He's a smarty farty sometimes...(well he did marry me!). :)

Here is the pic:

Ok...so if you look closely...there is a REALLY UGLY wood basket for flowers. I do NOT like this monstrosity!  It's hideous to me. Oh well! It was free.  We moved it...hauled it away...it's heavy...I poured some sweat over it....and now I'm stuck with it. sigh.

Welcome to the OPEN Half Acre Farm Stand! :)

Happy Weekend!!!


  1. Oh man I wish I lived near you! I would be at your farm stand every day!

  2. That is one big basket, Jules. Are there flowers in it? I can't tell. But, like Marisa, I'd be there every day if I lived nearby. I love your farm stand. It's awesome.