A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, August 26, 2011

A day for a Procedure

Ok...so I've been having a rough time eating.  I've moved on to the soft foods stage diet, and it's really been painful.  I chew chew chew food super good, but as soon as it starts its way down...the pain hits.  I mean WOW. PAIN.  It comes right back up within a minute or two.  So, for the past 4 days I've really only been able to eat sugar free jello/pudding.  I called in to my surgeons office on Wed. afternoon, and the Nurse Practitioner called me back.  She feels it is a Stricture.  This is when the bottom opening of the new stomach (which is healing) gets closed up with scar tissue.  So, they have to do an Endoscope and slide a small balloon down and stretch it.  Oh goodie.

I've had an endoscope...HA HA HA, and some of you will remember my funny video.  Mr. Eye Candy video taped me AFTER my endoscope...funny stuff.

So, yesterday they called me to schedule this procedure, and TODAY I go in at 1:30 for a 2:30pm appointment.  Yippee.  This is great...I look forward to trying to eat food again.  I'm hungry...and all I can keep down is water, very very liquid protein drinks, and pudding.

The drawback here is that I could not find a babysitter on such short notice.  I had one lined up, but she called me to say she had a "girls day" planned with her mom.  Really? ok. I get it.  I have a medical emergency, but she has a girls day.  I'm ok with that.  Actually I'm not.  I won't lie.  I tried 3 of my babysitters and 2 of them have sports, and the other one has a girls day.  Wow.  SO, Mr. Eye Candy has to quit work...come home...shower...and take me AND THE KIDS to the hospital...Drop me off...take kids to a park or something...wait for my call...and come back to get me...then bring us all home...and GO BACK TO WORK.  It sucks.  This whole summer has been like that though.  The whole babysitter issue has been a nightmare to say the least!  I hate hate hate relying on teenagers!!!!!!!  OH..and their parents!

Oh, and lets add in here that while I am at the hospital, and after this procedure is done... I will be heavily drugged.  Um yeah.  So...I hope the nurses can use my phone to call the Eye Candy, and I sure as heck hope they can wheel me out to the van.  Can you imagine me trying to WALK? ha ha ha ha

I think my kids are going to wind up pulling out THEIR hair one day as I preach work ethic to them.  No one else seems to have any these days!

If I didn't have a medical emergency, I would not be upset about the babysitter thing.  Really.  If I had called just to ask her to babysit for some 'fun' thing I wanted to do...I'd totally get that she had plans. ha ha ha  I only needed her for about 4 hrs.  Life sucks.


  1. I'm sorry it was such an ordeal to get you taken care of. I was hospitalized 4 times in 4 weeks right after my surgery and then the 5th time had to have a line inserted into my heart to feed me for 2 months. That was a week long visit that time and then coming home with a nurse and my hubby hooking it up every night.

    We have 5 kiddos so I know how it is to find sitters. Luckily our oldest can watch the younger ones but it gets tiring calling and hoping you can get someone! Hang in there!

  2. Marisa, sounds like your ordeal was a heck of a lot worse than mine! I can do this I can do this I can do this. :)