A happy me

A happy me
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Scope...and the day after FUN stuff

Ok, so yesterday, we had to rearrange the entire day so that I could get in and get that scope done and whats also called a dialation. ?  Where they stretch the lower part of my new tummy (also called a pouch). 

I think I'm gonna call my 'pouch' FANCY...as she has sure made it known that nothing was good enough to start with. ha ha  This way, if I'm mad at my pouch I can say..."Suck it, Fancy" and feel better. :)  Or maybe I should call her SASSY?

Ok...so the scope went well.  No complications other than they found an ulcer! WHAT??? So now I'm on this liquid medication 4 times  a day.  Mr. Eye Candy had taken me to the hospital, dropped me off, then he took the kids to lunch and to the park.  When I was done they called him, and they brought them ALL back to my little recovery room.  I wish they had NOT done that.  I could tell the kids were upset to see me in a hospital gown w/ an IV in my arm and an oxygen tube in my nose.  NOT COOL nurses!!!  I wish I could take that back.  My poor princess was a bit traumatized.   She had to snuggle with me last night, and man did she hold on tight to me.  The little guy was OK...but he seemed like he didn't think too much of all the tubes either.  When asked later, he said he was sort of scared.  Damn Hospital!  I mean geez!!! My kids are only 7 and 6 yrs old!  (wait...why did Mr. Eye Candy ...never mind).

Today was a much better day for the most part.  The kids and I loaded up our cooler, and off to the barn we went!! DOODLEMAN day!!!  Even the little guy got up for a 'pony ride'.  Those of you that are horse people...Doodle is 16.1 hands high...which means to those of you that are not horsey people...HE'S TALL. lol  Especially to a 6 yr old!  The princess got another riding lesson, and then it was my turn to ride.  Poor old Doodle...he was lame.  He's had issues with his right shoulder off and on through the years, and if he's 'off' it's always the right front leg.  So, there went my ride. I had to get down.  Maybe he'll be better on tuesday when I can get back out there.  Sure was good to see him though, and brush him and ... yes... smell horses!  I swear if they could bottle it and sell it, I'd be first in line.  Call me horse crazy. Oh wait! I am! ha ha  Now look at this...that is love.  Doodle could stand all day next to her.  He has always loved her.

Well, there ya have it.  A good day in the sun.  Lots of fun.  I couldn't ride my horse, so I cleaned all the stalls instead. ha ha  It felt good to do some physical labor again! I actually LOVE working in the barn.

Hope all of you are having a  fantastic weekend as well!  I think tomorrow will be another fun day!  COUPON DAY! ha ha ha

OH...and funny thing happened yesterday!  Mr. Eye Candy FOUND THE HERMIT CRAB!!! Yup.  Darn thing (belongs to the princess' friend) was lost for 3 weeks!!! yes..count them THREE weeks!  I could not believe he was STILL ALIVE! ha ha ha  I'm still amazed.  He goes  home tomorrow! eek!  No more Mr. Crabby Pants in my house!  Sure makes for a good story though!

Later Gator's!

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