A happy me

A happy me
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Frugal fun Projects

So, after receiving news that we are NOT going to be getting pre-approved for a loan...I've embarked (well I have always been searching) on a new quest.  Frugal Franny.  I think I will rename myself. LOL  I have always tried to be mindful of recycling and using up things in our home...but now...well...the space we have needs to have a little help.  I think it's time for SHELVES.  We put away our kitchen table and chairs months ago in storage so the house would be more 'open' and inviting.  I must admit I do love it w/ less!  Don't they say, "Less is More"?
Ok...so this is not a post about weight loss, but just a post of some fun ideas I found and want to attempt in the near future. (ok ok I'll be honest...it will be Mr. Eye Candy's list of things to do!)
I love this cute idea of reusing door knobs:

Oh what a CUTE idea for hanging stockings if you don't have a fireplace!!!

and how unique is THIS???!!!

I do love a quick easy way to spruce up a bathroom!!! Old barnwood would be great for this little quick project!!! Think Mr. Eye Candy needs to get busy on this one now. :)

Here's a cute one for kids!

This one I can do...and so can you!

All of the above ideas can be found at : http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=DIY+Home+Decor&qpvt=DIY+Home+Decor&FORM=IGRE#x0y19003

Old door anyone?
and of course what I WANT my pantry to look like....hey...I just want a pantry!

A great idea for an old window!!! (almost as cool as the pot rack!)

OH I do love this one!! Cool!! Back yard party anyone?

and how about this cute idea? You could do this for CHEAP!

Ok...last is this fun JAR photo display idea:

Ok, I see a theme here...I think I like jars! Oh boy...good think I have 100+ of them!

Have a great week everyone! LIFE IS GOOD!  We can make it that way!

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