A happy me

A happy me
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Friday, March 2, 2012

Mr. Eye Candy

Mr Eye Candy.  He's got the day off...well, he always has Friday's off.  However, this is a special Friday. Why? Because he's doing his HONEY DO list. :)  I'm pretty happy about that!

Have you ever read that book: THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES  ? Wow.  Awesome book.
1. Acts of Service. 2. Physical Touch. 3. Quality Time. 4. Gifts. 5. Words of Affirmation.

Acts of Service is MY love language.  Where someone does an act of service for you...whether it's taking out the garbage, or cleaning the garage - or in my case, taking out an old toilet and creating a PANTRY for me. We have an old tiny bathroom off the laundry room...that actually makes no sense as to why its there.  We never use it...and we've had the water off pretty much since we moved in here 6 yrs ago.  There is a little corner sink and cabinet in there that we'll leave though.  He has taken out the toilet already, and NEXT will come all my BARN WOOD (oh how I love 100 yr old barn wood!!!!) shelves!! I'm so excited.  I will finally have a place to store a lot of my canning that I plan on doing this fall.   I'm trying to think of as many frugal things I can do as gas prices are sky rocketing!  Our Lawn Care Business is going to take a big hit this year.  I am just trusting God. However, I also know I have to do my part. 

We're going to purchase some more chickens too! I'm pretty excited about that!  We're deciding on Rhode Island Reds (maybe) or probably the Austrolorps that Mr. Eye Candy has wanted.  They are good layers.  We are planning on buying pullets that will be laying already or about to...so by Memorial Weekend we can have our Road Side Stand ready for the campers that come up.  That is basically the first weekend of the summer season for us here in Northern Michigan.  I want to be ready.  I'm also looking at maybe making my own loaves of bread...I spend SO much on bread!  I have not made bread since I was a teenager at home...um..yeah...that was a long time ago! HA HA

I'm still stalled with the weight loss.  I'm not sure why.  I am drinking at least 2 protein drinks a day and eating good veggie meals with protein.  I eat very small portions, but feel I can eat about a cup of food at one sitting.  Maybe more if its soup.  I did drop to 152.3 last week...but was back up to 153.2 today. AHHHHHHHH  I'd love to see below 150.  Any tips girls?


  1. Aww, how sweet. Go Mr. Eye Candy :-) As for the WL, I just had a visit with nutrition and she was telling me just a little bit about the diet down the road and she said when people come back and they are not losing weight, they have to start to get people off the protein shakes (unless u sub it for a meal) because it add calories. So maybe try that?

    1. I did not even know you had a bathroom back there, lol. we can tons and it is so nice to have some shelves for that.

  2. Have you ever tried a bread machine? Check out this post I did on my bread makers: http://myfrugalfarmhouse.blogspot.com/2011/11/save-bread-make-bread.html I almost NEVER buy bread and gas here is almost 1.40 a litre so we are trying to save every which way we can...good luck!